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Embassy English 22 November 2016 - by Giuseppe Motta, Student, Embassy English

My Embassy Life: Giuseppe from Italy

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Giuseppe from Italy shares his experience studying English at Embassy English as part of our My Embassy Life series. 

Embassy Oxford 1 (2)

My name is Giuseppe, but everyone calls me Peppe. I am an Italian student aged 19 with and particularly I come from Sicily, which is a pretty island located in the south of the country. Before coming to the UK to study at Embassy, I attended my secondary school and I graduated in July, about three months before coming to study in Oxford.

Embassy Oxford 2

I took different courses at school, starting from General English Pre-Intermediate and ending up in advanced. I also attended an IELTS class, an FCE class and a CAE class as well.

As I said, at the beginning of my course, my level of English was not really high; instead, I had already known that I would have studied rather hard to get my English better.

Learning English abroad is not the same as learning it in your country: meeting native, socialising with them, organising activities as well as speaking every day with them has indeed helped me a lot with my speaking skills.

Embassy Oxford 3

In particular, I chose to study at Embassy English for some reasons. First of all, I had already read a few reviews and they all said it was a great school. Secondly Oxford is one of the best University-city and I would have liked have an experience here.

I can proudly say that my English has actually improved a lot, thanks to the amazing teachers who work here, who helped me so much with my studies, and to succeed in achieving my goals.

And especially to my hard-working personality, who made me study every day in order to develop my competences, such as going to the cinema or listening to some English talks, chilling out with my friends, reading some newspapers and so on.

Embassy Oxford 4

I feel very good here, and luckily do not suffer from homesickness. But apart from my family and my friends, one thing I have missed a lot is my food. So that is why I usually prefer to buy my meals in the local supermarkets and cook for myself.

I had never had such a long experience abroad before, so I would say that my favourite memory so far has been meeting people from different countries and finding out their cultures and their traditions.

Embassy Oxford

I would definitely recommend Embassy Oxford to other students because everyone is going to help you if you have any problem, and everybody is going to make you feel comfortable. But above all, it is a great opportunity and it would be a huge advantage if you wish to study in an English University like me.

I consider myself quite an energetic person, so I simply enjoy taking part in as many activities as possible.

I like different kinds of sports such as tennis, volleyball and I do not personally dislike watching football, even if it not one of my favourite hobby.
Furthermore, I sometimes go horse-riding with my best friend but quite often we fancy staying home and just chilling out watching a film.

Embassy Oxford

What surprised me most is something that actually made me love the experience abroad: I was honestly amazed by realising how students from different countries all around the world are in reality so similar to each other, so that even if they belong to different customs and usage, they all share their lives and their love to other people.

Embassy Oxford 2

There are loads of interesting places in Oxford, but some of them are definitely my favourite ones: the University Parks, which is a large parkland area slightly northeast of the city centre, is a great place to relax and hang out even by yourself. I often go there to study and it is a really good place if you are looking for quietness.

Embassy Oxford

Oxford is also famous to have some of the oldest pub, some of which are truly pleasant and cosy and some attractive museums, interesting from the historical and cultural point of view.

If I had to thank someone, I would definitely thank my teachers, because they have done a great job for the school and principally for the students, and it has honestly been an honour to meet them.

Embassy Oxford 1

Secondly I would thank the other students who all became my friends over the time; then I would thank the Embassy Staff, because it really made me feel home, comfortable and at ease.

But above all I have to thank my family for allowing me to stay here, for giving me the opportunity to discover a new world and for making lots of sacrifices in order to make my dreams come true.

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