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Embassy English 16 November 2016 - by Javier Esteban Naranjo Sirandoni, Student, Embassy English Brisbane

My Embassy Life: Javier from Chile at Embassy Brisbane

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Javier Esteban Naranjo Sirandoni from Chile  shares his experience studying English at Embassy as part of our My Embassy Life series. Javier has been studying at Embassy Gold Coast and Embassy Brisbane since  7 March 2016. Javier achieved the IELTS 6 score he requires for  Torrens University and is currently studying in the advanced class. Javier loves Brisbane so much, he has a new tattoo with the longitude and latitude coordinates of Brisbane!

Embassy Brisbane

Before moving to Australia and starting my Embassy course, I was studying dentistry in my country, Chile. I was unsure about getting my degree so I decided to travel. Firstly I thought just about travelling and working for a year  so I went to an agency and they recommended studying English overseas.

When I was looking at different places to study, I saw the Gold Coast. In Chile I used to live close to the beach, so I fell in love with the pictures of the beautiful city. After that, the lady at the agency told me about Embassy English and being a full time student, so I said yes. My agent also told me if you have time, you should go to Sydney and Melbourne also.

I studied English, for six years in Chile but it was just a couple of days a week in my school. My speaking was not good at all, the only time that I spoke English was when my American  family stayed at our home. My vocabulary was very low but my listening was better.

It wasn’t very difficult to get a good English level because I speak French and I think that speaking other languages can make it easier to learn other ones.

Embassy Brisbane 1


I arrived at the Gold Coast in April but after I while, I wanted to move to a bigger city, somewhere more crowded and with an active nightlife. After two months of living on the coast, I moved to Brisbane, the city where I would like to stay for a long period of my life.

I have many friends studying in other English schools, where they have to go just a couple of times a week and the difference between our English skills is enormous. I strongly agree that Embassy English is the best school in the city.

On the top of the list of what I like about Embassy, is the friendly, lovely, helpful and wonderful staff that work there, they are just amazing.

I will always be grateful to Embassy because they helped me so much with my English at the point that I am going to start a bachelor degree at university next February.

Embassy made a big part of my Aussie life and there’s one teacher who taught me a lot and helped me with what I needed, her name is Justine Ormsby. She’s a wonderful person.

Embassy Brisbane 2

I have two big memories to share with you and it’s kind of funny because they are related to people. The first one is arriving to school every morning (or almost every morning lol) and see the staff smiling at you and asking about your day and your plans.

The second one is related to an amazing teacher who taught me a lot and helped me to get the score that I needed for my IELTS test. Her name is Lorraine Bastock.

English is the international speaking language, so knowing it opens a thousand doors, for me to do whatever I want with effort, patience and courage, obviously coupled with English.

Learning English in Embassy gave me the opportunity to know people from many different countries and cultures and that was amazing.

After my English course I’m going to be with my family for a month in Chile and after that I’m coming back to start my Bachelor in the University. I would love to have my own business or be the main manager of one, working with customers and also having an active social life.

Embassy Brisbane 3

I would totally recommend Embassy English to every student who wants to improve their English. Classes in Embassy are interactive, entertaining and very complete.

You will be taught to have a fluent conversation with anyone you want.  Brisbane has such beautiful places to visit including South Bank, New Farm and the CBD. I think that every suburb has it’s own soul.

Lastly I’d like to leave you with the word “Cheers”. It is a completely Aussie word that I like and it must be learnt if you want to be in Oz for a long period.  It is what you say when you clink glasses with someone (when drinking) and it can also be used to say thank you.

To learn more about learning English at exciting Embassy Brisbane, contact us today! 

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