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Embassy English 21 November 2016 - by The Silva Family, Students, Embassy English

Our Family at Embassy English

Hi, we are a family from Chile and we came to Embassy English to make one of our family dreams  come true. For a long time we have had a dream: to move to another country to study English all together.

Embassy Boston

When the circumstances  were right we were able to plan  the trip. We began to analyze our choices. We saw  a lot of options  in United States, Australia and Europe, and  finally we decided that the best place was Boston.

After we  decided on the city,  we began the search for the place where we wanted to study. We looked at many different institutes and one of them was Embassy English.

It was our best option to study as a family because it is very personalised and they gave us the choice to study all together. So we started by talking to Linda Walsh, Centre Director of Embassy Boston, on email and in the end we are here!

Embassy boston 2

We are a family of 5 people: Francisco (father), Alejandra (mother), Francisco Javier, Augusto and Blanca (three children).

In Embassy, Alejandra and Blanca are in the same level, Francisco and his son Augusto are also together, but in a different level, and Francisco Javier is alone in a different class.

Since the first day of our classes until today, two months have been passed, and our English has  improved very much.

Also we have spent great days with our classmates and with our teachers.

Embassy Boston 3

We all believe that learning English is very important because it will be useful for our jobs, for studying, for travelling, and also if we want to have more knowledge about other cultures or other countries.

The best thing about learning in Embassy is that the teachers and all the staff are very nice. There  is always someone to help you, and that makes you feels that you are at home.

Also, you can have a lot of friends from different countries, and is very interesting because you learn about other cultures and other countries,  and of course you  have to do everything in English.

This is another reason why our English has been improved and  now we can have fluent  conversations  using the correct words and the correct verb tenses.

Embassy Boston 4

Of course, the most important reason our English has improved is the classes and following the  recommendations of teachers. One of them is that we  have to try to talk between us in English. Also we have to watch movies and T.V. without translation or subtitles.

We have a lot of good memories such as our family doing many things together. Learning English at the same time, in the same place, sharing the same classmates, the same teachers, we are sure that will be an unforgettable experience in our life.

Embassy Boston 5

If someone  we know needs to learn English the first thing we are going to tell him or her is GO TO EMBASSY ENGLISH BOSTON!!!!

Because it is the best place to learn this language, and Boston is a great city to live with a family and feel comfortable, experience history, culture and enjoy security and safety.

After our course, in the afternoon, all of us are go to do something that we love, like playing an instrument, doing a sport, something like a hobby but in English, to continue learning.

We  like  to organize trips to places near to Boston or around USA in our spare time.

Embassy Boston 6

The most surprising thing in our experience is that every day there is an interesting thing to do because in Embassy plans activities so you have different choices every day.

We think that our favorite phrase here will be, “you know what I mean” because all Americans say that all the time.

Our top 3 favorite places in Boston are Embassy English, the area where we live, and the old  streets of Beacon Hill because in those places we feel good.

The local food are a lot of fish and seafood, and also there are a lot of  restaurants from other countries, so its okay.

Embassy Boston 7

Well but we decide to came as family because its the best way to learn English together, and at the same time live a unique experience all together to grow as a  family.

Francisco Jr, Augusto, and Blanca say that  they want to say thanks to their parents to give them this experience, and all the family wants to say thanks to Embassy because they had made our main dream come true.

Embassy Boston 8

We are very happy to have chosen Embassy Boston as our institute to learn English and we think that it was a great idea and we are thankful for choosing Embassy Boston.

 If you are looking for a good institute  this is, in our opinion, the best place to learn English and to have a great experience.



To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy english, contact us today! 

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