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Embassy English 8 December 2016 - by ​By Julius Kaplan, Centre Director Embassy English Melbourne

Centre Spotlight: Embassy Melbourne

Embassy Melbourne is a constant hub of activity. Being the largest study centre within Embassy English, with approximately 595 students  and  53 teachers, the centre can’t be anything but a vibrant and dynamic environment where both students and staff get to share in a truly awe inspiring multi-cultural space.

Melbourne has always been the biggest Embassy school, but our growth spurt can partly be attributed to the 30 Church Lane relocation in June 2015, when alongside our fellow Study Group brands we took possession of five floors in a refurbished, custom built corporate office block.

This super-modern and technology rich campus serves as the springboard for our students’ adventures in English, launching them into the stratosphere of language acquisition.

Embassy Melbourne

Our students are limited only by their willingness to learn from every experience and engage with the world beyond the campus walls. A typical day on campus starts at 8:00 a.m. where students immediately get down to learning grammar or building language skills, depending on the curriculum.

Communicative skills tend to be the largest focus and the secret to success, as students get to practice speaking in nationally diverse, groups where they are challenged to express themselves and share ideas.

Teachers guide learning through attention grabbing carefully tailored presentation slides, and direct the class in achieving study outcomes. It is the rare class that is not animated with laughter and merriment and the sound of English learning at its best!

By the time break rolls around at 10:30, students rush off to the sunny student lounge on level two where they can catch up with friends from other classes or Study Group brands and share a cappuccino from one of the many vending machines at their disposal.

Embassy Melbourne (2)

Alternatives to this include playing a quick game of table tennis or “Foosball” or taking a trip to the café on the ground floor to top up on caffeine and freshly baked pastries before heading back to class for further doses of “edutainment” – entertaining education…

One of our foremost goals is to enliven the language acquisition process during the student’s Australian experience.

This is achieved via our spirited Bring English to Life (BETL) programme, where extra effort is taken to incorporate the wider world, escaping the classroom walls and hitting the streets of Melbourne.

It is here where learners get exposed to real life interaction with true blue Aussies who live in this beautiful city.

Embassy Melbourne 3

Having positive language and cultural interaction with everyday people goes a long way in building student confidence.

This confidence is taken back into the classroom where students and teachers record video and sound bites to post on social media sharing these precious moments with family and friends across the globe.

After class students have a variety of clubs and activities to choose, ranging from Conversation, Study and Soccer Clubs. Every Thursday sees an exciting outing to a tourist hotspot where students once again get a feel for the city and it’s folk.  Other events such as movie nights or boat parties are also regular features on the activities agenda.

Weekend trips are on offer from our business partner STS Travel, a boutique travel operation run by a former employee, well-schooled in treating international visitors to the top level customer service they deserve.

Embassy Melbourne 4

If you ask a student to describe the most important factor in their learning, you’d be right in assuming it to be their teacher.

Melbourne employs a combination of both highly experienced, long serving and very eager newer teachers all highly qualified and well trained to teach English as a second Language.

Minimum teaching qualifications in Australia require an undergraduate degree and a post graduate certificate in teaching, such as the prestigious Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA). Melbourne includes many teachers trained in this manner as well as holders of MA Tesol and other specialised qualifications.

In addition to their training one of the greatest strengths our teachers possess is their understanding of customer service. They understand that their students are largely mature adults who expect the highest quality training product available.

Embassy Melbourne 5

A healthy understanding of the industry and recognition that we are only as good as our last performance, keeps us all motivated and constantly in search of improving what we do. The same perspective applies to our student services team, who endeavour to provide quick and efficient support for the plethora of non-academic issues which arise during the student/customer journey.

In order to succeed, any organisation needs superb internal communications and an absence of siloization.

Embassy Melbourne endeavours to maintain constant and accurate communication between Student services, Sales and Academic teams by regular meetings in order to provide our students with the level of professionalism they have come to expect.

In order for the students to learn in an engaged and enjoyable manner, it is vital that the background support exists to allow the academic staff to weave their magic and assist students in building up those all-important language skills.

Embassy Melbourne 6

What Embassy is all about is the provision of a safe and enjoyable environment where students from across the world can get together to achieve their life goals. 

In many cases these goals are dependent on English proficiency. The stakes are high and there is no shortage of stress and pressure as getting to grips with English is not an easy matter, however in a fun, caring and stimulating environment such as Melbourne, our students know that they are in good hands.

To learn more about studying English in exciting Embassy Melbourne in Australia, contact us today! 

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