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Embassy English 21 December 2016 - by Jillian Kohler, Academic Manager, Embassy English Gold Coast

Embassy Goals: Tips for Improving Your English

You’ve made the decision to move overseas to study English with Embassy English.  Congratulations!  That was a big decision and the first step to achieving your “Embassy Goals“.  Going to live in an English-speaking country really is the best and fastest way to improve your English.

Embassy Goals 1

Most people improve very quickly at first.  But remember, language acquisition is never a straight line.  It’s more like a set of stairs.


If you feel like you are not making the progress you did when you first arrived, here are 8 things you can do right now to boost yourself onto the next step!

1. Join in the Free Activities

Every Embassy school has free activities.  At Embassy Gold Coast we have Conversation Club, Job Advice Workshop, Movie Club, Soccer Club, Beach Volleyball and Study Club.  Each of these is another opportunity to practice your English.  And they won’t cost you a cent.

Embassy Goals

2. Go to Study Club Each Week

English grammar is, let’s face it, difficult.  If you’re struggling with your homework, or with some grammar you’ve been learning in class, come along to the study club.  This is an opportunity to bring your work with you and get some extra support from a teacher.

3. Live with People from Other Countries to Yours

When you are far from home it’s very comforting to hang out with people who speak your native language.  I understand.  But if you really want to make the most of this opportunity, it’s better for you to live with people who come from different countries.  This way, English will be the only way to communicate.  You’ll all benefit from this.

Embassy Goals 3

4. Borrow DVDs and Watch Them Without Subtitles

At Surfers Paradise, we always encourage our students to borrow our free DVDs and watch them without subtitles.  I know you won’t understand everything, but you’ll understand enough to enjoy the movie and you’ll be practicing your listening skills.

5. Sit with Different Classmates Every Day

This will give you a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to learn more about their cultures while practising your English language skills.

Embassy Goals 4

6. Do Your Homework

Your teacher will have carefully chosen homework to help you practice what you’ve been learning in class.  You will definitely get better scores on your weekly tests if you have done your homework.

If you can’t complete the homework, you should ask your teacher for help.  That’s what we are here for!

7. Add Extra Elective Classes

You’ll really be getting the most out of your time with Embassy if you upgrade to our intensive course.  It won’t cost much more and you’ll have the opportunity to get extra coaching in an area of your choice, i.e. Business Communication, Communication Skills, Grammar, etc.

There are no tests on elective classes so there will be no extra pressure involved.

Embassy Goals (2)

8. Ask Questions & Take Risks

Never be embarrassed to ask a question or make a mistake.  This is how we learn.

Your teacher is there to explain, to correct and to help you get better and better.  And your classmates will be glad to be with someone like you!


To learn more about studying English in exciting Gold Coast, Australia, contact us today!


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