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Embassy English 15 December 2016 - by Ali Ilter, English Teacher, Embassy English Sydney

Embassy Teachers: Ali Ilter from Embassy Sydney

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. At Embassy Sydney, we are blessed with some fabulous, loyal teachers. Three of them have been here for 20+ years. In total, they have 67 years’ teaching experience at Embassy English. Some of them have been working here for longer than some of our students have been alive. Obviously, they love working here and they are truly great.

This week, we caught up with Ali Ilter as part of our Embassy Teachers Sydney series. 

Embassy Sydney

Hi, my name is Ali Ilter and I have been a teacher at Embassy Sydney for over 22 years. During that time I have taught most levels of General English, Vacation and Travel English, and for the past 8 years, the Cambridge Exam Preparation Course.

Due to my long association with Embassy English, it is fair to say that I have seen many changes within the organisation. Colleagues have come and gone, the courses and materials have changed many times; however, the one constant for me has been the passion to see my students reach their varying goals and objectives.

Embassy Sydney 1

In terms of innovations in teaching, the introduction of the Interactive White Board has been the most defining moment since the internet.

It has become an integral part of our delivery, and I must say, a very positive one. Smartboards have enabled us to deliver lessons in an extremely interactive manner and student feedback has been extremely positive. I cannot imagine teaching without them now.

Over the years I have met thousands of students and every one of them has been unique in one way or another.

Embassy Sydney 3

Naturally though, some of them have been more special than others. One in particular was a student who started here at Embassy about 15 years ago. From the day he started, he struck me as being a very keen and personable student. He studied for eight months and managed to build a strong bond with a lot of teachers during that time.

Later, he decided to extend his studies at Martin College and upon completion of his course, he applied for permanent residency to Australia. I again had the opportunity to assist him with his preparations for the IELTS test which he passed.

The opportunity for him to live in Australia has resulted in him training to be an ELICOS teacher, and once again I was able to share in his development as a teacher through his assignments and practicums. Currently, he is a successful teacher in his own right in a reputable college, and from what I hear, he is very popular with both his students and colleagues.

Embassy Sydney 2

My proudest moment as a teacher has to be when I received the Teacher of the Year Award for all the Asia-Pacific schools in 2007.

The award itself was wonderful, but it was the fact I was nominated by many of my peers that made it even more special. I must acknowledge the importance of the teamwork and camaraderie at that time, and point out these have always been strengths of the Sydney campus and will be well into the future.

Embassy Sydney 4

22 years in front of classes has made me aware of how much students respect experience and knowledge. My personal experience as a teacher helps me foresee possible pitfalls for the learners during my lesson preparation and often allows me to prevent problems from arising during delivery of the lesson. Over the years, this has resulted in me refining my teaching of the more intricate grammar points and I am positive the students have benefited. I think I have also grown more patient and understanding of differences in learning styles and the importance of technology in the modern classroom.

To learn more about studying English in exciting Sydney, Australia, contact us today! 

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