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Embassy English 27 January 2017 - by Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

Discovering the Embassy Melbourne Library

Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, our My Embassy Life student blogger, has been working as a journalist in her home country of Colombia, she knew that in order to achieve her goals of taking her career to the next level, she needed to improve her English language skills. Because Angela’s dreams also included international travel, particularly to Australia, when she discovered  Embassy Melbourne, she knew had found the perfect programme. As part of her intensive English language immersion, Angela will be writing weekly articles for Study Group’s Brightly Blog, as well as acting as a guest contributor to the Embassy English Blog. Stay tuned to follow Angela’s Embassy Life in fascinating Melbourne, Australia

Embassy Melbourne Angela

Libraries are that kind of places where everybody has been.  A library for some people is the spot to be quiet and get the total concentration to get a task done.

Therefore, I could say that a library is a magic location where your brain can find a comfort zone and surprise you with the best ideas.

On the third floor at Embassy Melbourne, there is a modern library where students can find roughly 12,682 books.

This library not only embraces English students, it is possible to see students from CSU, AIAS and Martin College.

Embassy Melbourne 1

On comparison to the classic libraries, this one is furnished with green ottoman chairs, comfortable tables in different shapes and a range of computers.

“We have books in different levels for Embassy students. They tend to use them to learn new vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension. Those books contain short and entertaining stories,” says Anna Sura, the librarian at Church Lane.


These books are very useful because if the students wants to know what level the book is and how many words they should read, they just need to check in the back of the book.

In addition, there are interesting novels, classic stories, fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels.

How to borrow a book?

If you want to borrow a book, the easy way to do it is going to the self-serve kiosk.

“You press ‘borrow items’, then wave in your student card, place all books on the pad and press ‘print receipt.’ It is pretty fast and you can get the books for two weeks,” Sura explains.

Embassy Melbourne

Additionally, our library has the reserve book service. Just you need to follow these simple steps:

In the library:

  1. Find the correct version of the book on the book-list.
  2. Go to the Circulation desk and ask the librarian to reserve the book for you.

Reserve online

  1. Go to: http://primo.unilic.edu.au/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=SCA
  2. Sign in using your student ID number and date of birth.
  3. Search for the item you want to reserve (Author and title).
  4. Select location ‘Melbourne’.
  5. Look for the ‘Request’ option on top of the screen or next specific item.

To finish, remember that our library is open from 8.30 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday.

To learn more about studying English in exciting Embassy Melbourne in Australia, contact us today! 




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