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Embassy English 18 January 2017 - by Tansu Peker, Student, Embassy English London

My Embassy Life: Tansu from Turkey at Embassy London

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Tansu from Turkey shares her experience studying English at Embassy London as part of our My Embassy Life series. 

Embassy Greenwich 5

I love London! My experience has been wonderful and unforgettable by Embassy Greenwich. I’ve been living for 6 months in London as well as improve my English.

I would really recommend Embassy London. The teachers and staff are absolutely very friendly and helpful.

Embassy Greenwich 2

For a simple reason I chose Embassy to improve my English. I’m really very happy in London. In this time, I made a lot of perfect friends from different countries. It has been great. I’ve learnt interesting things from all of them. Some of my friends were went back to them countries but I’m still talk them.

Embassy Greenwich 9

I remember the first day was most unforgettable memory of Embassy Greenwich. I had fears about learning English and new occasions, but all Embassy staff helped me with everything and in every situation.

I started elementary General English, but now I’m at upper-intermediate class. For me was an amazing opportunity.

Embassy Greenwich 3

After I finished my university, I decided to improve my English for a job. I am a Corporate Communication Manager so English very important for me. Embassy is quite perfect for improving English.

Embassy Greenwich 8

I really learned lots of information about English. I’m feeling, my English is really much better than before.

At the same time London is an amazing city! That’s way I wanted to learn English abroad. I understood that I made a right decision by learning English abroad in this process.

Embassy Greenwich 7

This opportunity has been possible with Embassy English. Because here you can meet the people from the farthest places of the world! If you want to come here for improve English, also make friends, you shouldn’t wait a minute!!

Embassy Greenwich 6

London is a beautiful andcosmopolitan city. There are a lot of different and wonderful things. In London, you can find a lot of musical, festival, concert and theatre! That’s incredible!

Embassy Greenwich 4

During this time, I went to so many different musicals. If you don’t like art, you can travel!  Embassy Greenwich organises trips in the city, with the travel in the coach and a guide that explains to you the history of the places you visit.

London is very close to some cities! I’ve been spending weekends travelling to Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Manchester and many other wonderful places!

Embassy Greenwich 1

Thank you Embassy English for this unforgettable experience! You will be always in my heart!

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