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Embassy English 20 January 2017 - by Jason White, Centre Director, Embassy English Cambridge

Spotlight on Embassy Cambridge

All of us are very proud of our Embassy centres and the work that our teachers and student services teams do to make sure students have a great experience at Embassy. This week, I wanted to share more about the Embassy Cambridge study centre in the UK from the perspective of our amazing students.

Last week, in Conversation Club, Gemma Armel (Centre Administrator and Social Activities Organiser) asked the students to comment on various aspects of their Cambridge experience. Here’s a snapshot of the comments they made (*Note: the comments have not been tweaked or corrected!)

Embassy Cambridge

Tell us your first impression of Embassy Cambridge when you arrived.

“Everyone was so kind and seemed to know my name. I felt so impressed because everyone wanted to help me and be my friend.”

Erika, Colombia

“Cosy rooms, friendly students and a good start to a new chapter in my life.”

Jordi, Spain

Embassy Cambridge (2)

What are your teachers like? 

“All the teachers are very professional, they have a lot of experience and they are always open to any questions you may have.” 

Manuel, Spain

“My teachers are very nice, I really like the way they teach and how funny they are sometimes. They’re all friendly.”

Wenya, Brazil

Embassy Cambridge 1

Can you describe your accommodation?

“My accommodation is simply amazing! My host Dad treats me as if I’m his son! He always talks to us and gives advice. He really makes an effort to make us feel at home.”

Jordi, Spain

“I feel extremely comfortable with my host family. They’re very loving and sweet and we have long conversations. I love it!”

Wenya, Brazil

Tell us about your progress at Embassy Cambridge.

“At first, I couldn’t have a normal conversation, I could just speak a few words. Now I can manage any conversation.”

Manuel, Spain

“I hope to achieve a higher level in all my skills and maybe also get a little bit of the British accent which I think is lovely.” 

Marek, Germany

Embassy Cambridge 2

What do you like most about your classes?

“I am very content with the classes because they are very organised and the teaching quality is high.”

Mauel, Spain

“They have good dynamics and sometimes you have to work in groups which is very effective for improving your pronunciation.”

Heejeong, South Korea

Embassy Cambridge 3

Tell us about the Social Programme.

“It’s really fun, especially baking.”

Yujin, South Korea

“I like that the social programme has improved with Gemma, I like that she cares for you and takes into account what you want.”

Erika, Colombia

Embassy Cambridge 4

What do you love about Embassy Cambridge?

“I love the way that everybody is receptive and friendly, always wanting to make you feel at home and in a big family.”

Wenya, Brazil

“It’s an amazing environment to make friends.”

Yeon Gyeong, South Korea

And don’t forget the our Graduation Video, which was a first for Embassy!

We look forward to welcoming more students throughout the year!


To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy Cambridge, contact us today! 

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