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Embassy English 1 February 2017 - by Minouche Duval, Program Manager, Embassy English Brisbane

Embassy Brisbane Experience Video Competition Winners

To celebrate the wonderful opportunity of living and studying in Australia, Embassy Brisbane held The Embassy Experience Competition. Students were required to make a video of the highlights of their experiences. The judges were delighted by the high standard of the entries.

Embassy Brisbane Experience Prize Winners

The Embassy Experience Competition was held in November and December 2016.

Students were given five weeks to create a video about their experience during their time in Australia.

Students from the following countries participated in the competition: Japan, Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand and Spain.

The videos capture the wonderful colours of tropical Brisbane and surrounding beaches. They also highlight the great friendships students form when studying at Embassy, and also while working creatively to produce the fantastic videos.

Camila from Backpacker World Travel joined the Embassy staff and students for the prize giving ceremony on Wednesday 14 December.

Embassy Brisbane Experience 1

All the students who entered the competition, won a prize as the videos were all of a high standard.

The prizes included a day trip to Fraser Island, two Mojo Learn to Surf  vouchers, tickets for a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane, vouchers to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, free English lessons at Embassy English,  vouchers from Guzman Y Gomez, Jackpot Dining,  San Churros & Nandos, Pearson Books and Embassy English t-shirts.

Embassy Brisbane Experience 2

It is very enjoyable to gain insight into the student journey as expressed in the competition videos.

Embassy Brisbane would like to thank all the students who entered and shared their experience.

While watching the videos, created by the students the judges wished they were students again, having the time of their lives in Australia.

Embassy Brisbane is proud to be part of this experience!

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