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Embassy Alumni 22 February 2017 - by Audrey Marques, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

Embassy Pathways: Audrey from Brazil at Embassy San Francisco

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills that can be applied to their university goals. Embassy Pathways is a seamless pathway program offering intensive English studies with conditional acceptance to one of our many university partners in North America. This week, we caught up with Embassy Pathways student Audrey Marques from Brazil to learn more about her academic journey from Embassy San Francisco to university.

Embassy San Francisco 1

My name is Audrey Marques, 20 years old, came all the way from Brazil. Actually, what brings me to do study abroad is an old child dream to do that.

Also this need to always be changing and having different friends around me also brought me here.

Embassy San Francisco 6

I’ve taken to majors back home, in a great Brazilian university, but didn’t finish any of those. Journalism was the one I want to finish here, and Nutrition. That was just kind of an adventure.

Embassy San Francisco 2

My experience at Embassy San Francisco has been so good since the beginning, that I decided to come back and take a risk to go to a college.

Embassy San Francisco 7

I know some of my friends are in the same college and I’ve met amazing people in California that I want to stay close to them.

Embassy San Francisco

I chose Embassy Pathways because I have a feeling that it might be something that I’ll finish once it’s my big dream, and also because the staff have been helping me a lot since I came to San Francisco.

And for sure, my experience here has been so good, that I want to keep following my plan next to people I know will always be there when I need them.

Embassy San Francisco 4

I did some research before coming to Embassy San Francisco, and I realized that this could be one great option to study English.

And when it comes to partnerships with universities, they have got good ones, and also give you all the help you’ll need to finish your application.

Embassy San Francisco 5

The College I’m applying to is De Anza College, located just few hours from San Francisco, in Cupertino, a great city where Apple and Facebook are located. The major I want to take is Journalism.

Embassy San Francisco 3

In addition, I’m looking at a college that is considered one of the best 2-year Program in California. They also have a good transfer program to big US universities.

That’s my actual plan- after finishing college to transfer to a great university to complete my studies in the U.S.

Embassy San Francisco 8

Finally, I hope that someday I’ll make another dream come true. Which is my dream-job: becoming a International Correspondent, no matter where. I just want to be somewhere else doing my job with an international journalism company. But I know it is not easy to get this job, so I could start slowly just as a normal reporter, or a writer for a magazine.


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