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Embassy English 13 March 2017 - by Laura Andrea Rey, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

Advanced Business English: Laura from Colombia

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills in real-world settings. Many of our international students are interested in gaining confidence and fluency in English to advance their careers to the next level. Our Advanced Business English course at Embassy San Francisco combines in-class instruction with guest speakers and visits to local companies to give students a truly unique experience. In addition, students can also book an English in Action program in the USA, a 4 or 8 week experience where students perfect their language skills with an unpaid placement in a US business, community or educational organisation.

This week we caught up with ABE – EIA student Laura Andrea Rey from Colombia to learn more about her experience. 

Advanced Business English (4)

Tell us about your life before you started learning English at Embassy.

Before I came to San Francisco, I was studying Business administration.  I was very shy to speak in public and insecure to speak in English. When I travelled with my family even if I knew how to talk I didn’t try.

However, now for sure I’m going to talk and be happy to!

I live in a house with my parents and 2 siblings and I never lived alone, had my own money, cooked, cleaned or washed my clothes before. The first week it was really a shock for me to be alone, but the weeks went by and I started to feel more responsible, organized with my money and time.

Apart from learning English I gained independence and basic things I didn’t do in the past.

Advanced Business English 3

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

I decided to learn English abroad because I wanted to improve my English, know about different culture and have a different experience that will help me for my professional career.

I took the Advanced Business English class which helped me improve my professional and business vocabulary.

Besides it prepared me for the program English in Action that is a non-paid placement in an American company letting you learn about the environment, and you can put in practice all your knowledge you have from you university and be able to practice the skills (writing, speaking, listening and reading) you have been working before in the school.

Advanced Business English (2)

What did you like most about your school?

I really like all the teachers, staff and the director; they are very kind and helpful all the time, they always make different activities where you can meet all the students.

Also I like the school, the location is very good it is very close to restaurants, stores and transportation.

What are your future plans? What do you plan to do after your English course?

After I finish my course I have to go back Colombia, and I will have my graduation from my university.

My plan is to start working in my family company, where I’m going to need to talk in English sometimes or assist to conferences in others countries so I will put in practice the things I learned.

Advanced Business English 4

Would you recommend Embassy English to other students?

Yes, because I think is a good opportunity to learn English, meet new people, make friends, travel around and have a great time, and in Embassy you will have great teachers and staff that will make you this experience better.

Not only you are going to learn English, but you are going to grow as a person, to learn to be more independence and confidence of yourself and you definitely will need this in your life.

Advanced Business English (3)

Anything else you’d like to include?

One of the favourite activities I did was renting a bike and crossing the golden gate bridge until Sausalito.

You will go into places you never see before, and the view is breath-taking! It is really hard because is almost 3 hours (with stopping to take pictures) but the experience is amazing, and so different if you cross it by car.


To learn more about Advanced Business English and English in Action, contact us today! 

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