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Embassy English 16 March 2017 - by Rebecca Hayes, English Teacher, Embassy English Auckland

Embassy Teachers: Meet Rebecca from Embassy Auckland

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. We promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Recently we caught up with Rebecca Hayes from Embassy Auckland to learn more about her passion for teaching and why New Zealand is great for international students. 

Embassy Auckland Embassy Teachers

Hi, everyone! My name is Rebecca and I’m an English teacher at Embassy Auckland. I was actually born and raised in Auckland, so I really love this city and its people.

I have been an English language teacher for twelve years, working in Auckland, Hong Kong, and Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom.

I started working for Embassy English back in 2008, so it’s been almost nine years already! Time flies when you’re having fun, they say. I really love the atmosphere at Embassy Auckland.

We get a fantastic mix of students from across the globe: South America, Asia and Europe, all in one classroom. As a teacher, I really enjoy this dynamic, because it gives everyone the opportunity to learn something new about another culture every day.

Sometimes I think I learn just as much as my students!

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I also love working with my colleagues, who come from all four corners of the world too. I have never worked with such a diverse group of talented teachers, who really care about the student experience.

It’s great to be part of such a team.

One of my fondest memories of working at Embassy Auckland was giving a student the extra support he needed to prepare for the IELTS test and apply to university in Australia. He has now almost completed his Economics degree at the University of Sydney and he still keeps in touch with me.

It is a great honour to be able to guide and support all of the students in my classes to achieve their own individual goals.

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I think Embassy Auckland is a great place to come and study. Not only do we have a large campus with fantastic teachers, a well-stocked library and comfortable common rooms, but also a fantastic city to explore.

Auckland is a great place for nature lovers. There are mountain ranges with opportunities for hiking in the south and the west, as well as 50 volcanic cones to explore.

Auckland is also unique in that the city spreads between two harbours: The Waitematā  and the Manukau. In fact, most Aucklanders live within five kilometres of the sea. This gives plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating and water sports and gives Auckland its nickname “The City of Sails”.

In addition, there’s plenty here for adventurers including the Sky Jump at the Sky Tower and bungee-jumping from Auckland Harbour Bridge!

Embassy Auckland EMbassy Teachers 3

My favourite places in the city are outdoors, near the harbour or in the mountains. I love having a glass of wine on the balcony of a bar at the viaduct, or sipping coffee at the outdoor table of a café in Mount Eden or Devonport.

I love catching a ferry to one of the beautiful islands of the Hauraki Gulf to go walking, swimming, bird-watching or just to relax in nature.

I love having a picnic or a barbeque, or just lying under a tree and reading a book at one of Auckland’s amazing regional parks; Tawharanui is my favourite!

Embassy Auckland

Like the school, the city itself is a melting pot of different cultures. As an Aucklander you have the ability to explore different cultures through festivals such as the Lantern Festival or Diwali, and taste flavours from around the world at hundreds of restaurants: French, Spanish, Colombian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Korean, even Ethiopian!

Or, if you are more adventurous, you could try Cazador, a restaurant that serves you wild meats! Traditional Kiwi dishes include roast lamb, fish and chips, marmite, lamingtons, pavlova and hāngī (the traditional Māori way of cooking food in the ground).

Our diet is generally locally-sourced and seasonal. Modern New Zealand cuisine reflects the diversity of our people, combining our traditional foods with influences from our Pacific and Asian neighbours. Fresh New Zealand seafood is also a highlight.

Embassy Teachers Embassy Auckland

For any students joining us at Embassy Auckland, I would like you to know that you are welcome here and we are interested in getting to know you as an individual.

We care about your background and your study goals, and we want to help you achieve them. Please take the time to introduce yourself to your teacher, so he or she can better help you to make the most of your student experience.

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I’d also like to add that the student experience is so much more than what happens in the classroom.

Explore Auckland, explore New Zealand, practise speaking English whenever you can, and take the opportunity to get to know your classmates and other people you meet here.

You can forge friendships that will last a lifetime.


To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy Auckland, contact us today! 

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