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Embassy English 24 March 2017 - by Michela Scolari, Teacher, Embassy English London

Insider’s Guide: Embassy London

At Embassy London we believe that one of the best ways of practising and improving your English is to participate in our social programme activities. Our social programme is designed to cater for all tastes… And London is the perfect place where to be whatever your interests are!

Joining the social programme activities means that you can get to know the other students in the school, make friends, practise your English in a relaxed atmosphere and save money!

London is one of the greatest cities on earth both by day and by night. We like taking our students on trips to places in the very heart of the city, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and St. James’ Park, and get them to breathe in the beautiful sights around them.

Embassy London Greenwich

London’s character changes so much between the day and the night, and that is why often we organise trips in the evening so as to give our students the opportunity to experience the different atmosphere in the city.

Of course walking around is a fabulous (and free of charge) way of doing some sightseeing… and our staff are very knowledgeable about all the places of interest in London!

London is also very famous for all its large and lush parks. In the summer you can rent out deck chairs and enjoy the sunshine.

Our students are always surprised when they see a lot of wildlife around, especially grey squirrels! Again, this is another activity that is free of charge and that allows you to practise your English with other students and our staff while casually strolling around.

Embassy London Greenwich 1

London is also full of really interesting restaurants and food markets.

We always try to give our students the most authentic experience possible, and there isn’t anything more authentic than fish and chips when it comes to the UK!

Embassy London Greenwich 2

But London is not just about fish and chips – it is about celebrating diversity and cosmopolitanism, and that’s why there are so many restaurants where you can taste cuisine from all over the world.

One of our students’ favourite trips is the night out in Malden, where there are a lot of good Korean restaurants where food is really authentic and affordable.

Embassy London Greenwich 3

Some of our top sellers are definitely the weekend excursions to famous towns such as Cambridge and Oxford. These towns are easily reachable on public transport as it takes just under 1 hour on the train from London.

Joining our excursions means you are visiting the place with highly experienced and knowledgeable activities leaders who will take you on a tour of the town and feed you interesting and historical facts about the place.

Embassy London Greenwich 4

You will also have free time in the afternoon to walk around, do some shopping and simply enjoy your day with your friends. Of course being part of a school trip also means that you end up saving a lot of money on your train tickets and admission fees!

Embassy London Greenwich 5

We always notice that the students that take part in activities improve their English and build up their confidence much more quickly.

In addition, during activities friendships are formed and great pictures are taken!

So, next time you grab a copy of the social programme from Student Services or read our monthly Activities Calendar Blog, have a good look at it and sign up for something!


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