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Embassy English 23 March 2017 - by Sheyla Uzquiano, Student Services Representative, Embassy English

Spirit Week at Embassy English

Welcome to Embassy English’s Spirit Week! “Spirit Week” is long standing tradition in the United States, where people, towns, high schools, and colleges come together to welcome back alumni or former residents. The week is built around one large central event that occurs at the end.

In my personal experience throughout high school and university, Spirit Week was the time that I was able to bond with my existing friends and to create new bonds with people I had not gotten to know yet.

Embassy Long Beach Spirit Week

In the United States, Spirit Week has many different versions. In American high schools, it takes form in grade level competition, where students must complete tasks throughout their week (i.e. raise money for a charity, participate in the dress code for the day, games, etc.) The winning class is announced at a Pep Rally.

We modeled Spirit Week at Embassy English after the the high school system of games and competitions between our English classes.

Embassy Long Beach Spirit Week 2

Now you might ask yourself, what does Embassy’s Spirit Week actually consist of?

Spirit Week is a 4 day event, which leads up to a themed social gathering at the end of the week at our weekly Graduation Ceremony.  We start Spirit Week on a Tuesday, in order to give our new students who start on Monday an opportunity to participate and have our teachers give their current students a reminder.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the Dress Up days. This has taken form as “Crazy Hat Day” where all students must wear a funny hat, and the class who has majority participation gets full points for the day.

This is our Pre-Intermediate teacher’s favourite day because she builds a lesson around culture and has her students make themselves hats.

Embassy Long Beach Pre-Intermediate Crazy Hat Day

We have also had “Logan Day” which was named after our English teacher named Logan. Students needed to dress like him for the day. To this day, this has been the most successful day, all classrooms had full participation points.

Students even went and printed out pictures of him and wore it as masks, they also wore the typical “Logan attire” which consisted of black pants, button down shirt and a skinny tie.

Embassy Long Beach Advance Class Logan Day

Thursdays is the most involved day but the most fun day. It is also a dress up day but the task is to wear your class colors.

Each level/ each teacher gets assigned a class color and students will wear that color for the day. Now, the rest of their class time it is a Bringing English to Life Day. This is the day that students will compete by level.

The main rule of the day is to only speak English when communicating with each other.

Embassy long beach 1 (2)

The first task of the day is a school wide Scavenger Hunt, each class is to find their clues. Each clue has a letter and the student’s goal is to unscramble the English idiom or phrase. The clues are different for each English level so all students are able to participate.The first class to finish their task wins that round.

The next few rounds consist of small teamwork type games, for example  building  the tallest balloon tower with only one yard of tape, 12 balloons and 5 minutes to plan/ 5 minutes to build or creating a human knot where they must untangle themselves and the class that has the fastest time wins.

Friday is the day that the winner is announced at our Pizza Party after graduation.  Students enjoy cheering each other on!

For this past term our Upper Intermediate class won and that class is currently the holder of the Spirit Week Trophy, and they went on a class field trip to celebrate.

What each of these activities help give students memories for them to bring back to their homes, friendships that last after they leave but also practice in speaking English in a more  casual setting.

Embassy Long Beach 1

At Embassy English, the goal of Spirit Week is for the students have a fun, create a sense a community with each other, and interact with each other through competition.

Teachers have told me that it has helped their classrooms create stronger bonds with each other.

Students have said that they enjoy being able to practice their English by brainstorming together for either their attire or the task they must complete.

As a staff member it is a wonderful experience to create an activity for students to feel welcome.


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