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Embassy Alumni 28 April 2017 - by Summer Chang, Student, Embassy Gold Coast

Embassy Alumni: Best Semester Abroad Winner Summer Chang

Recently our friends at Study Queensland held a video competition called “Best Semester Abroad.” People from around the world were asked to submit videos documenting why they wanted to learn English abroad in beautiful Queensland, Australia. Winners were chosen from across the globe to receive language study scholarships. One special winner, Summer Chang from Taiwan, was awarded a scholarship to study English at Embassy Gold Coast. Check out her winning video below, and read more about Summer’s experience below as part of our Embassy Alumni series!

I came to Australia as part of a program called Best Semester Abroad, which is run by the Department of Trade and Investment Queensland, and I was lucky enough to get a scholarship with Embassy English as part of this program.

Embassy Alumni 22

It’s always been a dream of mine to study abroad rather than in my home country of Taiwan, I thought it would be better to learn English in Australia and also embrace the local culture.

Embassy Alumni 8

I’ve always thought that Queensland is a very beautiful place, and when I arrived on the Gold Coast and saw how amazing it was, I was so happy that this is where I was going to be doing my studies.

Embassy Alumni 5

Embassy English seemed like it was the perfect place to study, right in the middle of Surfers Paradise, so after class I could relax and study on the beach.
Embassy also offers lots of activities like BBQ, study clubs and a class room where you can watch movies with friends to improve your English.

Embassy Alumni

When I first came to Queensland, my English was not very good, but spending 6 months studying, and having to speak English with other students and using it in everyday life, my English improved a lot.
It’s great there are students from all around the world, rather than just Chinese speaking students, because English is the common language and you have to use it to talk to each other.

Embassy Alumni 12

I feel like I had a basic understanding of formal English when I came to Australia, but studying at Embassy allowed me to become much better at conversations and explaining myself in English; I also learnt about Australian slang and abbreviations which was very useful.

Embassy Alumni 13

In my time off studies, I also traveled a lot around Queensland, and went to the Great Barrier Reef and also traveled to Byron Bay and other local destinations.
I saw many beautiful places, met lots of interesting people and my home stay family on the Gold Coast were so lovely.

Embassy Alumni 20

With the English skills I learnt at Embassy English, I am hoping to come back to Australia to work and travel more.
I am also hoping to use my new English skills and my personal experiences of studying in Queensland to encourage more international students to come to Queensland to study.

embassy Alumni 10

I think for a really authentic Australian experience, studying at Embassy English on the Gold Coast is a really good choice. 

Embassy Alumni 21

It’s a great school which helped my English improve a lot, it’s a beautiful place to live and I look forward to coming back to visit in the future.
To learn more about studying English in exciting Gold Coast, Australia, contact us today!

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