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Embassy Alumni 8 April 2017 - by Alfredo Hidalgo Limbrick, Student, Embassy English

English in Action: Alfredo from Embassy English

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills in real-world settings. Many of our international students are interested in gaining confidence and fluency in English to advance their careers to the next level. Our English in Action program in the USA is a 4-8 week course where students perfect their language skills with an unpaid placement in a US business, community or educational organisation.

This week, we caught up with Embassy English EIA student Alfredo Hidalgo Limbrick from Costa Rica to learn more about her English in Action experience at the Corey Cutler and Associates law firm in Boston. 

English in Action 1

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Alfredo Hidalgo Limbrick, I’m from Costa Rica. I’m a Network Engineer. Before I came to Boston, I worked in Televisora de Costa Rica (Costa Rican Local Channel 7), on the CATV department as a network supervisor.

What was your level of English before you started Embassy?

Pre-intermediate English.

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

Because it was always my dream to study another language abroad. I believe that studying in an English-speaking environment gives the opportunity not only to learn the language, but also to learn from the culture and the different customs of the citizens and make a beautiful experience.

English in Action 5

What made you choose Embassy English?

I chose Embassy because of very attractive English programs and the competitive prices instead of other English schools.

What’s the best thing about learning English with us?

The opportunity to meet people from all over the world and have the beautiful city of Boston; a city with many activities and history to explore.

Why did you choose the English in Action program?

Because I wanted to know how the work-environment is in USA. Also I wanted to be part of it and make new work experiences.

English in Action 2

How has your English improved during your English in Action program?

I was placed with a law firm, so I could learn different law vocabulary. Speaking with attorneys and the staff help me to improve my English as a second language.

How is English in Action valuable for your future?

It’s really important to grow as a person and professional. This is like a test to prove myself that I can work in different work-environments with English speakers. Additionally, I learned a lot about how the law works in USA.

What kinds of tasks were you asked to help with during English in Action?

I helped to research medical records and other paperwork to organized it. Additionally, create and edit different law documents.

Also I went to The Clerk’s Office inside Edward W. Brooke Courthouse to request civil action number about different cases.

English in Action

Would you recommend the English in Action program?

Definitely, yes. If you want different and interesting experiences, you must enroll in the English in Action program with the school.

What do you plan to do after your English course?

Continue reaching my goals and improve my English in a professional-environment.

What’s your favorite word or phrase in English?

Attorney that means Lawyer and “Exhibits” that means an object that is shown in court to prove whether someone is guilty or not.


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