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Embassy English 19 April 2017 - by Danilo Silva Lopes, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

My Embassy Life: Danilo from Brazil

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week Brazilian student Danilo tells us more about his experience at Embassy Melbourne and Embassy Brisbane as part of our series, My Embassy Life.

My Embassy Life MelbourneEmbassy English Melbourne

Hi everyone, my name is Danilo but my friends call me Nilo. I’m from São Paulo/Brazil. Before coming to Australia, I used to work as Personal Trainer in a chain of Gym called Body Tech. I left my husband Glauco and my three dogs Miranda, Thor and Miguel in Brazil and came to study English in Australia.

It was one of the biggest decisions that I’ve ever made in my life, it has been challenging and very rewarding.

I chose the General English Course in Embassy Brisbane and after 10 weeks, I changed to Embassy Melbourne where I am studying until now.

My Embassy Life 1

I started to study English at Pre-Intermediate level and now after 25 weeks of English, I’m going to study in the Advanced class.

However, in the first ten weeks, it was a bit difficult for me, because I have done only one month of English classes in my whole life. When I started the classes in Embassy English I could not speak English at all.

Nevertheless, I didn’t give up to keep studying hard. I’ve studied really hard and now, after 25 weeks, I’m already studying in advanced level.

My Embassy Life Brisbane 1Embassy English Brisbane 

The first reason that made me come to study English in Australia was that I always dreamed to live abroad, and second was that I’ve seen some friends who had been learning English abroad and I realized they learned it faster and better than another friend who was studying English in Brazil.

Since then, I’ve saved money and when I had the opportunity to buy an English course in Australia, I bought it immediately.

I usually to say that everything depends on ourselves, but when you find someone who makes you feel special and powerful, the way to get your goals will turn out rewarding and unforgettable.

Embassy English made me find another person inside me. They helped me find a guy who can get wherever he wants.

Everyone who works there is interested in making you feel special and able to get your goals.

The didactic of teaching English is challenging, interactive, rich in details. The building is very new, technological and the didactic material of study are very interactive and motivating. These details were very important to keep improving and grabbing more interest for studying English.

My embassy Life MelbourneEmbassy English Melbourne

The best thing I have been doing about improving my English is to study after class, to watch TV series in English, to listen to songs and read the lyrics and do writings in English.

I also usually ask my friends and teachers for help to fix my mistakes. Other things is I usually have conversations with friends at school and with native friends I’ve made over the school .

I also avoided speaking Portuguese on messengers, Facebook and Instagram. In fact these are the principal ways that have been doing my English get better and better day by day.

To learn English and live abroad give us so many unforgettable memories, and my favorite memory so far was when I could watch the “Little Prince” in English without subtitles.

I’ve chosen that because when I arrived in Australia I have tried to watch that movie for the time. Even though it was subtitled in English I could not understand anything was happening. So after 2 months I’ve tried again and I could understand everything tht happened in the movie.

That experience made me get over the moon.

My Embassy Life Melbourne

Everything I have done so far is because I am planning my future. Therefore I am sure that my future is going to have a new path of life as a huge opportunity for work and travels.

I only want to say that to be able to speak English gave me wings. I am feeling like I could fly to wherever I would like to go or that the world was not impossible anymore. I’m feeling like powerful as a superhero.

I always get emotional when I speak about it because English has been giving me so many new opportunities and opening new doors in my life as to go to teach in other countries as a Dance Teacher.

I really feel like seeing a new world in front of me. New dreams have been growing up in my mind and the first one I will make come true is to be as a Flight Attendant. I’m going to start the Flight Attendant course as soon as I get beck to Brazil.

In fact I am just about to get “my wings”.

My Embassy Life Brisbane 2Embassy English Brisbane

Even those things only were able to happen because of my Teachers that I found in Embassy English.

I’m really happy with my Embassy Life. I really recommend Embassy to my friends as I have been doing so far.

Embassy English is in fact, the best one English School I’ve seen. How can I compare?

I can compare because I have some friends who are studying in another school and they do not have the same incentive and development we have in Embassy English and they also realized that.

My Embassy Life Melbourne

Embassy English Melbourne

Furthermore, before ending I really want to say thanks for some special people for me.

First of all I would love to say thanks to my husband Glauco, who helped me and encouraged me to keep studying and to be strong for every those months I have been here in Australia. My friend Henrique who had helped me in my firsts days in Australia and now living with me.

And every each teacher I had in Embassy has been helped me a lot, I will be eternally grateful. I usually say they are blessed and they have the most powerful power in the world, it is the gift of teaching.

Catarina Vit, Morgana, Monica, James, and Karina. You are all going to be my superheroes forever.

I will never forget how special those moments together were special and how it made me grow up as a human, thanks a lot my Masters.

“I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky ”


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