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Embassy English 18 May 2017 - by Yuki Sumida, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

Advanced Business English: Yuki from Japan

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills in real-world settings. Many of our international students are interested in gaining confidence and fluency in English to advance their careers to the next level. Our Advanced Business English course at Embassy San Francisco combines in-class instruction with guest speakers and visits to local companies to give students a truly unique experience. In addition, students can also book an English in Action program in the USA, a 4 or 8 week experience where students perfect their language skills with an unpaid placement in a US business, community or educational organisation.

This week we caught up with ABE – EIA student Yuki Sumida from Japan to learn more about her experience. 

Advanced Business English 1

Tell us about yourself!

I am from Japan. I quit a company two years ago and started working as a freelance MC in Japan.

I used to be a student of Embassy English in 2010 and since then I had been wishing to come back here to study more, especially Business English.

I am very glad to be a student of Embassy again and strongly believe that I am improving my English skills more by attending the Advanced Business English class.

Advanced Business english 3

What do you enjoy most about the Advanced Business English course?

Most students in this course were working in their countries or they are students who are interested in business. That is why it is very interesting to hear the stories about their experiences.

I can expand my understanding of business culture of various countries. I can also learn about business in the United States.

Advanced Business English 2

What topics are your favorite and why?

Career building, mission and vision statements, business communication and teamwork were all very interesting topics for me since I have been considering about my career.

There are students of various ages in the class so I am able to know different opinions of various generations. The trend of career building in Japan is changing now and discussing this topic with international students and the teacher is helpful for me to foresee how it would be in the future.

Advanced business English 4

How has your understanding of business improved with this course?

Learning vocabulary and useful phrases.

Would you recommend the Advanced Business English course?

Yes, absolutely.

What do you plan to do after your English course?

I will return to Japan and restart my MC job, but this time with an American company Riot Games, and I feel more confident in my English abilities.


To learn more about Advanced Business English and English in Action, contact us today! 

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