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Embassy Academy 26 May 2017 - by Phil Spark, Programme Manager, Embassy Academy

Embassy Academy 2017

Embassy Academy is a traditional British boarding school experience for students ages 9 to 17. Create the perfect summer experience by combining English language tuition with a wide choice of sporting and academic courses provided by professionally qualified and experienced tutors set in the stunning grounds of one of our exclusive British boarding schools. This week Phil Spark, Programme Manager, shares his thoughts on the evolution of Embassy Academy and what’s in store for students this summer! 

Embassy Academy

Back in 2012 I was charged with Programme Managing the Embassy Summer premium summer product, MW Summer, which has subsequently become Embassy Academy.

As we near the opening of the Academies for 2017, I can honestly say that this product has gone from strength to strength in terms of student satisfaction and offerings.

The staff are amazing, the locations have been amazing, the courses, the host institutions and of course, the students themselves, have all been amazing.  The uniqueness and valuable experience it gives lives on.

Embassy Academy 5

There are many that have passed through this immensely rewarding part of our portfolio in one form or another, and I can guarantee the majority have been touched personally by being involved, whether that be by helping administer the booking processes, running the schools, engaging with the students and helping to deliver what is globally known to be a top class product and experience.

As Embassy Academy heads well into 2017 operational preparations, we are excited about many new items within the programme and product.

We have a new location addition, new courses, new Academic materials and student integration with local British teenagers in two different ways.


Embassy Academy Warminster

Embassy Academy Warminster is developing in many ways. This exclusive summer school is set in a unique location within a highly regarded independent school.

We have a new Outdoor Adventure course lined up where students will experience Kayaking, Archery, Bushcraft and Climbing in an amazing setting with a specialist company nearby.

This adds to the already popular courses; Horse Riding, Tennis, Art and Design, Intensive English, Summer Academic Study and Elite Football.

Embassy Academy 7

The school itself is also incredibly historic (over 300 years old) and yet is forward thinking and keeps up with modern times with fantastic facilities and modern classrooms that also use Interactive Whiteboards in the learning process.

Being more rural than Roedean’s city vibe, its flavour leans towards the (Warminster) country. Once again, this is a True Boarding School experience and again the trademark of Modernity and History.

Embassy Academy 6

Warminster is also repeating a pilot of welcoming local British teenagers to join our Elite Football course and mix with Academy football students and with the rest of the school during break and the Whole School Activity hour in late afternoon. The buzz and atmosphere will be amazing.

This is a fantastic way for the teenagers to really meet their peers and experience a real connection. 2016 saw a glimpse of what could be achieved and 2017 we hope to enhance even more.

In 2017, Warminster students will also get the chance to mingle and make friends with teenagers from the UK Youth National String Orchestra.

Embassy Academy 3

With local trips to Bath, Salisbury and the famous and unique Longleat safari as well as further afield to London, Oxford and even Cardiff in Wales, it makes the programme exciting and varied. The Town of Warminster itself is a typical market town with local shops.

Embassy Academy 2

Embassy Academy Roedean

Embassy Academy Roedean is back. One of the most highly regarded independent girls schools in the country is back on the Academy portfolio in 2017 after a 3 year absence.

Embassy Academy 4

The Brighton cliff location is unique and the range of courses are as exciting as ever with Sailing, Golf, Horse Riding, Multi-Activities, Art and Design, Intensive English and the introduction of the Summer Academic Study course into Roedean for the first time.

Each course is taught by professional tutors and instructors. Truly a dynamic set of options. 

The listed boarding houses are fitted out better than some hotels would be and the whole feel of Roedean as an upmarket boarding school fits with the Embassy Academy ethos of a True Elite Boarding School Experience.


With the pilot of the new Academic materials even more suited to interactive learning and use of Interactive Whiteboards in class gives Roedean a wonderful mix of modern and historical, a trademark of Embassy Academy.

Another amazing summer season is on the horizon for the Academy students;  great teaching, friends from all over the world, exciting courses and activities, fabulous excursions, sharing rooms, developing lifelong friendships and memories.

Embassy Academy (2)

We look forward to making it happen for them and seeing another year’s worth of hard work flourish into its final outcome; experience and happiness. for international teenagers.  Joy!

Come and do some climbing, canoeing, visit Bath, meet British kids of your own age, explore London and have a great experience while improving your English and making lifelong friends in two of the most amazing locations in England.

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