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Embassy English 25 May 2017 - by Kitt Thompson, Embassy Activity Manager, Embassy English Brighton

Embassy Play: Social Activities at Embassy Brighton

Each month our Embassy English centres plan a variety of activities where students can both explore their new host cities and have creative ways to bring their English language skills to life. Recently we caught up with Kitt Thompon, Embassy Activity Manager, to learn more about a recent Bringing English to Life activity for Embassy Brighton students.

Embassy Brighton 3

Hello my name is Kitt Thompson and I am the new Embassy Activity Manager. I am born and bred in Brighton (rare I know). I am currently a month into the job; however, I have years of experience behind me from assisting with previous year’s managers whilst maintaining my job in student services. It now feels great to be taking the reins.

The best part of my job is seeing the success of our students, bonding with them and ensuring that they have a great experience with us at Embassy Brighton.

Embassy Brighton 4

I am also a keen promoter of our in house charity Building Futures. I had a chance to go to Sri Lanka last year to see a new school which had been built thanks to the money raised by the organization, it was truly an eye opening and life changing experience.

Building futures 1

Now back to the activities, we have a lot of excitement planned for the coming months so keep your eyes peeled on the Embassy Brighton Facebook page for photos.

My favourite activity so far happened by chance due to the very typical English weather which consists of rain, rain and more rain.

We had a trip planned to head down to Brighton seafront for Jungle Rumble mini golf, a place with a name that screams fun. However, one hour before we were meant to meet Mr Monkey and his jungle we got news that unfortunately his jungle had been flooded (probably good for most jungles nowadays but not this one).

Embassy Brighton (2)

With one hour to spare I frantically hit Google looking for alternatives then suddenly I found it, Jurassic Globalls, whose website left little to go by other than dinosaurs, golf and INDOORS.

This was good enough for me and the trip was back on.

Embassy Brighton

As we arrived we were given the rules and then taken back to another room where the golf would begin, next all I can describe is a mix of giant florescent dinosaurs mixed with mini golf.

It was like Alice in Wonderland meets Jurassic Park, if you could somehow imagine that.

The students loved it; we had a tournament with the winner getting a Building Futures shirt and a five pound donation to the charity.

Embassy Brighton 1

The greatest part was there were students there who didn’t know each other and after an hour of crazy bonding in one of the strangest places, they had become friends.

At the end of our time I asked if they would like me to show them back to the bus stop to get back into the centre of Brighton, and after little to no thought they told me they were all going for dinner together at Nandos.

I muttered “My work here is done!” as I stepped back into the very wet English rain.


To learn more about studying English in exciting Brighton, United Kingdom, contact us today! 

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2 responses to “Embassy Play: Social Activities at Embassy Brighton”

  1. Thank you for your lovely review 😁⛳️
    I came across it by chance ….great photo skills by the way 😁 People really struggle with pictures in there lol
    Kind regards
    Globalls owner

    • Laina MacRae says:

      Thank you Patrick! Our Embassy Brighton students really had a wonderful time at Globalls playing mini golf. 🙂 We will definitely be back soon.

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