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Embassy English 16 May 2017 - by Javier Silvas, Embassy Study Tours Group Leader, Embassy English

Embassy StudyTours Mexico in the UK

With Embassy StudyTours, groups of students from around the world can enjoy a bespoke English learning holiday package at one of our global Embassy English  study centres. Embassy StudyTours offers a variety of locations and a wide range of programmes suitable for groups of minimum 10 students throughout the year for students aged 8 and above. Last month, we hosted a fantastic Mexican StudyTours group from the Global Consejeros en Educacion Internacional agency at Embassy English. We caught up with Group Leader Javier Silvas to learn more about their experience of studying English in the UK.

Embassy StudyTours

Being in Oxford was such a wonderful experience. My students still keep talking to their friends and families about how much they loved Embassy English.

Embassy StudyTours (2)

The English teachers at my school in Mexico have noticed their improvements in English.

Embassy StudyTours (3)

Their parents also noticed how well they communicate with others. They are now confident to speak English.

Embassy StudyTours 1

One of my students Jocelyn Aguilar said, “Castles, churches, classic buildings, Oxford is one of the most wonderful places in the world! The culture and food are amazing, and interesting. Weather is perfect, and I just want to say Embassy English is wonderful. The teachers are so friendly, staff is the best. I miss you! 😭”

Embassy StudyTours 2

Thanks to their experience more students want to visit Embassy English.

Embassy StudyTours (6)

When their friends ask them, “What do you like the most?” They answer Oxford, not London, nor Cambridge.

Embassy StudyTours (5)

They love the feeling of walking through the city. They love the buildings, river, parks, their families, and specially the Embassy staff.

Embassy StudyTours (4)

If you want your children to improve their English, Embassy it is the best place. But if you also want them to become a global citizen, send them to Embassy Oxford!

Embassy Studytours (7)

The school is great and they treat you like family.

Embassy StudyTours (8)

To learn more about Embassy StudyTours, download our Embassy StudyTours flier and contact your agent today!

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One response to “Embassy StudyTours Mexico in the UK”

  1. Grishka says:

    Mi hijo regreso muy contento, feliz me dio mucho gusto ver su nivel de ingles y lo noto diferente más responsable y creo que hasta los modales saludadores se le pegaron jajaja

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