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Embassy English 5 June 2017 - by Pandhita Naraviroj, Student, Embassy English Brighton

Thai Royal Scholarship Winner Pandhita Naraviroj at Embassy Brighton

For the second year in a row, Embassy English is honored to participate in Thai Royal Scholarship Program for English language studies. We recently visited the Chitralada Palace in Bangkok, Thailand to offer two scholarships to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for exceptional Thai students. This week, we caught up with Pandhita Naraviroj  who received a scholarship to study at Embassy Brighton. 

Embassy BrightonWindsorRiver

How good are you at speaking English?

Well, I have to say that my speaking skill is fair but it should be better because I am a teacher. Actually, I could say that my other skills are better than speaking. Speaking English is the most important thing I eager to improve. Of course, my country, Thailand normally do not use English to communicate so I do not have opportunity to practice it.

Embassy Brighton BrightonPier

It was a day that I went on a trip. Suddenly, I got a call which informed me that I got a scholarship from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in order to study at Embassy Brighton for 8 weeks. At that moment, I was surprised and happy!

Embassy Brighton WindsorCastle2

On the first day of my school, I got very warm welcome from everyone: new friends, teachers and staffs. It’s much better than I expected to have. After that, I was graded to be in Upper-Intermediate Class.

I met teachers with good skills of teaching. They provided us many activities and encouraged students to speak by using English. I cooperated a lot of useful games with my friends in the class. It was so fun and applied. I like the way teachers always have learning activities for students.

They make studying more practical and enjoyable. I could practice speaking a lot with teachers and friends.

Embassy Brighton

My best memorable moment was my teacher told me that I was going to be in another class which was a higher level, Advanced Class. She told me that I was very good and I was strong enough for the next level. At that time, I was proud of myself but I missed my friends and my teachers.

When I told them after the class, they looked at my face and told me that “We are going to miss you so much, Pandhita” I was about to cry at that moment.

Embassy Brighton Upper - 2

After I went to Advanced Class, I met new friends and teachers. I had opportunities to speak using more complicated English.

It was so good for me to practice. In the first week of my new class, I got a tutorial with my teacher, she told me about progress of my studying, my weak points and how to improve them in several ways. That was good and useful for me.

She also recommended me to have vocabulary notebook and record my speaking in order to improve my English.

Embassy Brighton WindsorCastle1

On my 6th weekend in Brighton, I joined the Windsor, Eton and Oxford tour. I booked the tour from Student Service, which provided a lot of activities for students and helped students in need, with my friends.

I enjoyed a lot of beautiful views and went to many interesting places. I liked Oxford very much but Brighton was still the best city for me.

Embassy Brighton Oxford

The city “Brighton” is as bright as its name. Although it may not big and have a lot of tourist attractions like other cities, it is beautiful, comforted and pleasantly warm. You can walk to the beach, face the sunshine and see seagulls fly which make you feel good and joy.

All I want to say is I really fall love with this city.

Embassy Brighton 1

Finally, I want to say that I have a wonderful time in Brighton. Thank you to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Chitralada School for offering me a scholarship. I’m very grateful that I could have a chance to have such marvelous experiences here.

Embassy Brighton Advanced

Also thank you to Embassy English for everything. I have learned a lot to improve myself. So far, my English skills improved very well especially, speaking. I can speak more fluently.

Moreover, I learned my techniques for teaching from my good teachers here. I am going to apply them for my teaching as well.

Thank you very much to you all.


To learn more about studying English in exciting Brighton, United Kingdom, contact us today! 

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