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Embassy English 23 June 2017 - by Upper Intermediate English Students, Embassy English London

Embassy London: Meet our Students!

Fancy studying English where the language is spoken, among friends and with friends? Well, Embassy London is definitely the place for you! All our classes and activities are great fun and take place in a relaxed environment where everyone feels at ease. We are like a big, happy family and our students are a key element to creating such an amazing atmosphere!

Embassy London Greenwich 1Our Upper Intermediate group on a class trip in Central London

This month we have asked the lovely students in our Upper Intermediate English Class to tell us about themselves, where they come from, what they do in their countries, why they have decided to come to Embassy and what they love about it. Read on to see what they have told us!

Ana from Spain

Embassy London Greenwich 2

Hi! My name is Ana and I’m from Spain. I live in a village in the north which is near the sea. I love going to the mountains, reading and also walking by the sea. I live in a very peaceful and privileged place and I miss it right now, but it is normal because life in the city is more active, busier and stressful.

But I am enjoying my stay here and I am very pleased of it! I think this is an experience that everybody should live and I like Embassy London a lot.

In Embassy, from the very first time you feel welcome and happy and this is very important because you have come here alone and at the beginning you need to feel you are supported, and I did! I always have been dreaming of this experience, of being in London and I love the UK, I love the language and this is like living in another world.

Henry from Brazil

Embassy London Greenwich 3

I am Henry, from Brazil (São Paulo, south-east of the country). Last year I finished High School and didn’t want to go straight to university (also because I don’t know what I want to study), so I came to London to improve my English skills, meet new people, cultures and places. I’m also a dancer and acting student, I have loved performing arts since I was a child.

One thing that I really like here in London is that the city embraces people.

You just need 2-3 days to get used to everything and feel part of the city as the city becomes a part of you, that’s why I strongly recommend people to come here.

Valentina from Colombia

Embassy London Greenwich 4

Hello my name is Valentina, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Colombia.

I decided to study here in London because, in my opinion, British English is the most beautiful English. Also, London is a multicultural city in which I can learn about cultures and meet people from all over the world. It is the best place if you come from outside Europe and want to travel. I’ve already visited 7 different European countries and I still have 2 more months here to keep traveling!

I think Embassy London Greenwich is an amazing school because all the people are so kind and it is so easy to make new friends from around the world. You are always learning different things, trying new food and doing amazing things with the social program – every day is a new experience!

Arthur from Brazil

Embassy London Greenwich 5

Hi, my name is Arthur and I’m from Brazil. Back in my country I’ve just been accepted at University and I’m trying to enjoy my last few months of rest here in London, so I can improve my English and do some traveling.

I’ve been in London for a little more than three weeks now and one of my favourite places is Greenwich Park, where I always feel better by seeing people with their dogs or families having picnics. But I can’t forget about a great attraction which is at the center of the park. The Royal Observatory of Greenwich was fan-bloody-tastic! I visited it on my first week and I’m already thinking about going back. Another thing I have to mention is English tea, which is something you can’t pass without giving it a try.

Despite all of these incredible possibilities in London, I have some really great moments at the place you expect the least… Classes are incredibly funny and sociable! With my classmates, for example, we can speak about the most random topics like carpet or the weather – we just cannot stop chatting.

And thanks to this we keep learning some absolutely funny expressions and slang such as “catch me outside, how bout dat?”, “stop your business” and even “fan-bloody-tastic”. It’s all just absolutely incredible!

Julia from Brazil

Embassy London Greenwich 8

I am Julia from Brasilia in Brazil. I am 18 years old. I finished high school last year, so I have some free time now. When I go back to my country I have to study for the university entry test.

My experience in London has been absolutely incredible! I have met amazing people, my host family are adorable and I have made a lot of friends in the school. Although being so different, everyone is so united.

I have always wanted to study English in the UK because I love the British culture, the British accent and everything about the UK. It has always been my dream to come to London, so it is a great opportunity to study here and to experience everything really British.

What’s most interesting about my lessons is that they help me understand how some grammar or different vocabulary can be used. You learn something in the morning and in the afternoon you can already use it and practice it with your friends or host family. In my country, Brazil, I study English but I don’t have the opportunity to practise it so we easily forget everything we have studied.

Embassy London Greenwich 7Embassy classes are fun and interactive!

And we couldn’t end this post without asking teachers Rebecca and Kit what they think about their fantastic Upper Intermediate group.

Rebecca Lord

“They are a lovely class, very easy to teach – they can talk about anything! They all seem to get on really well, so I get the impression that they speak plenty of English outside the class too. They have produced some excellent work: presentations, imaginative writing, fotobabbles (recording their voices over their own photos) and debates.”

Kit Claxton

“The Upper Intermediate students are a fun-loving bunch who not only like hanging out together but taking every chance to learn the lingo and use it. South Americans, a couple of South Koreans and a Spanish girl make up this tightly-knit class. They are always keen to get off the beaten track and find real London and Londoners, so catch me outside, how ‘bout dat.”

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