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Embassy English 16 June 2017 - by Karissa Kay, Embassy Summer Programme Manager USA

Getting Ready for Embassy Summer USA

Embassy Summer is an Award winning English language programme for students aged 8 – 18 with seasonal locations in the in the US and UK. Embassy Summer programmes are available from 1 – 8 weeks, and feature exciting activities and excursions designed to engage with students and to encourage them to use English in fun real-world situations. Students will have the opportunity to meet other children from all over the world, thus expanding their global community and cultural experience.  Our new Embassy Life Skills take learning to the next level with programmes designed to nurture curiosity and creativity, encourage teamwork and leadership skills and boost confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

This week, we caught up with Karissa Kay, Embassy Summer Programme Manager, to learn more about her experience working with young learners in the USA

Summer LA

 What is your favourite part of working for Embassy Summer?

The students and staff! Every year I meet incredible students and staff from all over the world.

My Embassy Summer journey began almost 15 years ago when I worked at the first US Embassy Summer Center in Boston. For 3 seasons I enjoyed mapping out some of the new activities in different cities as the program expanded in the United States.

Years later when I returned to Embassy with more experience, it was amazing to see how much the program had grown and improved.

Embassy Summer

Can you share a story about how you have personally helped a student reach his or her goals?

Given that our students are minors (as young as 8 years old!) in my role as Program Manager, I often speak with young students when they are having difficulty adjusting in a new culture. Sometimes they feel lonely and other times they might miss their family or home.

It is in this role I have a chance to encourage them to branch out and meet people and make friends with other students – it is Summer Camp after all!

Embassy Summer hollywoodfun

In your opinion what is the value of Embassy Summer for young international students?

Embassy Summer offers young students an opportunity not only to see new places and learn English, but it gives these young students a chance to connect and meet people from other countries.

The first few days can be challenging with students sticking to one another (by language group and nationality) but after a few days of interacting over meals, activities, and events it seems as though they have known each other for years!

I always enjoy watching the students meet (and speak) with other students from places in the world where they have never met or known anyone – watching those interactions and friendships blossom is rewarding.

Embassy Summer 1

What has working at Embassy Summer taught you?

To continually remain focused on the student experience and help them create memories that they can take home with them. Every year the logistics and operations of 1000’s of students and over 100 seasonal staff and the respective school teams can, at times, be daunting.

At the end of the day students remember the experiences and the people!

Embassy Summer (2)

What are your goals for Embassy Summer 2017?

FUN!!! It is Summer camp after all! I LOVE that during our interview process and trainings I point out to staff that if they are not having FUN most of the time with the students, then they aren’t really doing their job.

For the students, the staff, and our conference partners, we aim for safety for EVERYONE, as well as improved English, and new travel. However, the bottom line is that if we aren’t enjoying our job, the students are likely not enjoying their experience.

I thoroughly enjoy the seriousness that some of my teams approach topics like “Zombie/Monster Theme Week” and I have had lengthy conversations about the “best” glitter (for arts and crafts) or balloon sizes (for water fights)…

By keeping the “fun factor” at the forefront of Summer I believe we ensure success and that students and staff will want to return for another great Summer!


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