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Embassy Alumni 9 June 2017 - by Carolina Vasquez Berens, Student Services Manager, Embassy English San Francisco

My Journey from Embassy Student to Embassy Staff

I was asked to write a blog on my perspective about the Embassy San Francisco center as an alumni and staff.  I would like to start by saying that my #EmbassySanFrancisco experience started over 7 years ago in 2009 when I was looking for English courses to take in the U.S.

Like most of our students, I went to an agent who presented me with different providers. However, to be honest, I did not hesitate to choose Embassy from the very beginning.

Why? Because I loved all the locations, and Embassy had an appealing market discount for my country, Venezuela, which was a big selling point.

What I did not know was that I was signing up for my future home and work!

Embassy San Francisco Carolina FT 2

As a student, I appreciated the outstanding customer service from the moment I walked through these doors, and what was surprising was that it did not diminish during my time in the school.

As most of the students do, I cried on my graduation and made friends for life that enriched my life in so many ways.

Embassy San Francisco 1

Embassy was not my first ESL school, and since my first trip to the U.S as an international student, I thought working in this industry would be a fun job meeting people from all over the world.

I was fortunate a few years later when I had the opportunity to work as an Activity Leader, and then as a Hall Manager in one of our summer camp programs in 2012.

It was not until then that I learned that yes, I was right, it is a fun job indeed but there were a lot of hard working and dedicated people around the world behind the scenes, taking care of every little detail to ensure the students have a smooth, memorable and positive experience.

Carolina FT Embassy San Francisco

Like some people say, it is not about quantity, but quality, because in such a short but amazing experience during the summer camp, I developed an interest in working in this industry. I realized that regardless of how many weeks students book, studying abroad changes people’s lives like it did for me.

I came back to Embassy San Francisco in 2015, but this time as a Student Services Manager, and it has been a challenging, but mostly rewarding experience.  I have learned valuable life and work lessons from all my work family.

Carolina FT 4 Embassy English San Francisco

San Francisco is a very special city because its people are friendly and it offers everything one is looking for like: art, culture, nature, gastronomy, history and so much more. San Francisco also has a laid-back vibe, and for me, it is a privilege to work and live in this area.

However, what makes Embassy San Francisco center a great place is not the location and the city, but its passionate, friendly, warm and knowledgeable staff.

Embassy San Francisco 2

I believe I will always be an international student at heart because every Monday I “go back in time” to my first day here. I enjoy sharing my personal and academic experiences with the students. However, what I most like about my job is seeing the change in the students by the time they graduate.

They leave the school open-minded, tolerant, independent, confident, and outgoing, and we all are part of that growth.

Carolina FT 5 Embassy San Francisco

I will never forget when a student said in front of a group of agents on a FAM trip, that I was the first friend she made in San Francisco. It made me realize how important we are to the students.

Thanks for staying with me until the end of my Friday Thoughts. Going back to my impression of Embassy San Francisco, I would conclude by saying it is a safe place where students feel at home away from home, and alumni always want to go back.

Carolina FT 6 Embassy San Francisco

We provide a fun, high quality and safe environment for our students around the world.

I look forward to continuing this journey of my #EmbassyLife.

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