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Embassy English 29 June 2017 - by Meagan O'Connor, Student Services Manager, Embassy English New York

Spotlight on Embassy New York

New York is known as the “City That Never Sleeps” and that’s what makes Embassy New York such an excellent place to study. We have so many activities and events throughout the city to choose from and we do all we can to ensure that our students get the absolute most out of their stay here!

Visitors and potential students are always in awe of our facilities, our student lounge, and our classrooms…especially the Smart Boards. We are constantly complimented on the fact that our school feels so comfortable and we’ve had guests say, “it feels like you’re all family here.” Small touches like our Signature Wall, colorful flyers advertising activities, and a comfortable and welcoming lounge set our school apart from the rest.

Embassy New York ArrivalsOrientation Day for our new students! 

We have an incredible staff of teachers who go above and beyond for the students both inside and outside the classrooms. They are always working to implement new ideas and techniques for teaching whether it’s using games, movies, or even field trips throughout the city.

They also run after-school clubs in conversation and writing for students who want to learn even more while they are here.

Embassy New York Field trip 1Class Field Trip with LaShekia Chatman (Teacher)

Our location on 7th Avenue cannot be beat! We are a couple blocks away from Penn Station and a few minutes’ walk from The High line, The Empire State Building, and Herald Square. A quick subway ride will get you anywhere else in the city that you can think of.

Embassy New York viewRooftop at The Met

Being in New York City is a dream for our Activities Program. We have planned trips 3 days a week and travel all over the city. The United Nations, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park are just three of the many popular tourist attractions our students enjoy visiting.

Embassy New York UNUnited Nations 

We also partner with Expedition America to give students the opportunity to visit places outside of the city on the weekends. They host trips to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, and Las Vegas to name a few.

Embassy New York GameMets Game (Baseball)

A baseball game at Yankee Stadium or CitiField is a must while you are here. Our students have a blast learning about this American sport and they are always asking when the next game is. Not here during baseball season? Not to worry! New York is known for its sports teams and there’s always more games to see like basketball, hockey, or American football.

Embassy New York Game 3Islanders Game (Hockey)

While we do plenty of activities throughout the city, we want our students to feel comfortable just hanging around the school. This is why we do plenty of in-center activities as well.

Embassy New York VDayValentine’s Day Party

It’s a great way to introduce our students to holidays that may be celebrated differently, or not at all, in their home countries. We have parties for everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Cinco De Mayo.

Embassy New York Cinco de MayoCinco De Mayo Party

We know students are here to learn about a new language and city, but we want to learn about their home too! We love to host Cultural Days where students from a specific country prepare presentations and food for the rest of the student body. Our students always have a great time preparing for this and the rest of the students (and staff!) really enjoy learning about a new place.

Embassy New York Brazil DayBrazil Cultural Day

Every student is important to us here at Embassy New York, whether they are staying for 1 week or 50, and we do everything we can to make sure they have a great time in both the school and city.

Embassy New York GraduatesGraduation Ceremony for our Departing Students

Individual birthday celebrations, lunch with the staff, and graduation ceremonies are just some of the ways we show how much we love our students.

Embassy New York MixerNew Student Mixer with Meagan (Student Services Manager)

We hope each and every one comes back to visit and we can’t wait to meet the students of the future!

To learn more about studying English in exciting New York City, contact us today! 

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