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Embassy English 19 July 2017 - by Alejandra Laguzzi, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

My Embassy Life: Alejandra from Argentina at Embassy San Francisco

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people. This week Argentinean student Alejandra Laguzzi tells us more about her experience at Embassy San Francisco as part of our series, My Embassy Life.

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My name is Alejandra, I’m from Cordoba, Argentina. Before coming to Embassy San Francisco I was working as a lawyer in a Law Firm, the area that I used to work was general practice, litigation, legal advice on civil and commercial law. But I quit my job and decided to come to San Francisco to improve my English, in order to have a best chance of improving my career.

I’m taking the Intensive English Course at Embassy San Francisco, studying in the Advance Level, also I’m doing IELTS exam preparation.

Before I’ve started in Embassy English I had intermediate level of English, but I felt that in speaking and pronunciation my level was lower, because I used to study English when I was in elementary and middle school.

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I wanted to study English abroad because I think is the best way to learn English and is faster than if you study in an academy in your country. You are always speaking in English with the teachers, the staff and other students from different countries. The English is the common language and you have to do an extra effort to communicate with them.

I’ve chosen Embassy English because my sister studied in Embassy English Brighton and she had an excellent experience and a lot of good memories, so she recommend me to study with Embassy English. But I decided to study in San Francisco because I was always very interested in study in this American city.

The best thing about learning English with Embassy is the staff and teachers, because they are very kind, you feel like you’re home. Also, you can find many courses to choose, especially in the program standard plus and intensive course.

For example I’ve completed the course of Business English, where I learned a lot of new vocabulary about business, how to make presentations, marketing and, I made up my own company. That was great!

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I improved a lot since I’d came here, now I feel very confident when I talk with the people in English. But I think is very important to make friends from countries with different languages, the process will be faster and helped you to learn a lot about another culture.

The thing that helped me to improve my English the most was that I have to speak English every day and I have to make an effort to communicate with other students and the people in the city.

It’s difficult to sum up my best memory, but I think that I had a very good experience in the Business English course, also I have very amazing memories in the activities that the school offers after classes during the week.

Have a good level of English will help me to get a better job, because is one of the most required skills by employers in my career. For example, I would like to work in the legal area of a company where one of the requirement is to have an advance level of English.

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In my spare time I like to do exercise because I think that it’s an important complement to yours studies. Also, I enjoy having fun with my friends and walk around the city because you can find a lot of beautiful places to visit in San Francisco.

One of my favourite place in this city is The Golden Gate Bridge because is a symbol of this city, it’s imposing and beautiful, you can cross it by bike and walking so is a wonderful trip.

Another place is Fisherman Wharf, especially Pier 39 as it is a colourful place and you have a big variety of restaurants to eat.

The third one is Dolores Park, is an incredible place to spent a day with friends, also you have a wonderful view of the whole city. However, in every corner of San Francisco you will find many place to visit and things to do. So I recommend this incredible city!

I would recommend Embassy English to others students in order that I had a gorgeous and awesome experience. I’m sure that is a very good choice for everyone who wants to improve your English.

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