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Embassy Alumni 18 August 2017 - by Ayumi Ariizumi, Student, Embassy English Auckland

Embassy Alumni: Ayumi from Japan at Embassy Auckland

Hello, everyone! My name is Ayumi and I’m from Japan. I’m taking a year off university to study overseas. Before coming to Embassy Auckland in New Zealand, I was studying business, specialising in entrepreneurship and management.

Embassy Auckland

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

Because I realized at university that English skill is indispensable even though I work in a Japanese company. To communicate more with foreign people and work together, I wanted to improve my English ability.

What made you choose Embassy English?

Honestly, because of my agent’s recommendation. However, now I’m certain that Embassy English is the best school!

What was your level of English before you started at English?

I started to study English at Pre-Intermediate class, and after 12 weeks, I was studying at Upper-Intermediate class. As the level of lessons increased, I got used to thinking in English instead of in Japanese.

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What has helped you to improve your English?

My friends are so precious to me. Before coming here, I was no good at speaking English. However, progress was automatic because I was able to meet a lot of friends of various nationalities at school and talked with them every day!

What did you like most about your school and host city?

As for school: It’s a point that the My Embassy English learning system is substantial. For example, I can study and check my progress online with Embassy OnTrack, take part in the Conversation Club outside of class and participate in a Friday trip with my friend etc…

As for host city: My favourite point of Auckland is that I can see beautiful scenery everywhere. In particular, I like Devonport!!

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Tell us about your teacher and/or classmate at Embassy.

As for teacher: All of the teachers are good at teaching English! And they are so kind and humorous.

As for classmate: It was the first time I met so many people from different countries . I was able to learn not only English but a lot of cultures at school.

What is your favourite memory of Embassy English?

At the time, every day was full of fun for me. I was looking forward to going to school every day! That’s why I was able to keep studying hard. I really appreciate all of my friends and teachers!

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How do you think speaking English will help you achieve your dreams?

I think my English will be a precious skill in the future. In fact, I have got used to communicating more smoothly and tell my opinion firmly in English. In addition, I think I got the ability to think more logically because of English.

What are your future plans?

After graduating school, I’m going to do internship for a half year in Auckland to learn about New Zealand wines. I’m interested in brand and public relations strategy, so I plan to engage in such work at this internship. I’m convinced that everything I learn at Embassy English school will be useful at this challenge.

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What’s your favourite word or phrase in English?

“When I had nothing to lose, I had everything.
When I stopped being who I am, I found myself.”

What are your 3 favourite places in your host city or country?

My favourite library ranking in New Zealand:

1: Devonport library
2: New Brighton library
3: Birkenhead library

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What surprised you most about your experience learning English abroad?

This might sound too obvious, but learning English in English is much easier to understand than learning English in Japanese. I think it is the one of the most important things to be used to thinking in English when you use English.


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