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Embassy English 17 August 2017 - by ​By John Morrison, Assistant Academic Manager, Embassy English Brighton

Embassy Teachers: John Morrison from Embassy Brighton

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. We promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Recently we caught up with John Morrison, Assistant Academic Manager at Embassy Brightonto learn more about his passion for teaching and why the UK is great for international students.

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What is your favourite part of working for Embassy English Brighton? 

Meeting wonderful people from outside of my British bubble has undoubtedly been a highlight of working at Embassy English, both in my current role as Assistant Academic Manager and when working as a teacher. I’ve loved absorbing a wealth of knowledge from these different cultures.

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How many of my non-ESL friends know their bibimbap from their kabsa? Their Day of the Dead Celebration from their Cherry Blossom Festival? And their kimono from their thobe?

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Can you share a story about how you have personally helped a student reach his or her goals?

Whether it’s a student perfecting some tricky pronunciation, using the complex grammatical structure correctly, or achieving the score they need in an FCE or IELTS examination, rewarding experiences occur on a daily basis in this industry. 

One particular example is when I taught two petrified brothers on their first day at beginner level who could barely say hello, let alone string a sentence together. Fast forward 12 months and I bumped into the same brothers, who were both now students at Sussex University.

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In your opinion what is the value of Embassy Brighton for international students?

As an organisation, I believe Embassy English offers students the chance to learn English in a communicative environment, make friends for life from all around the world and get involved in a wide range of social activities.
What stands out for me here in Brighton is our modern building in its central location, emphasis on ‘Bringing English to Life’, along with our first-rate use of learning technologies in the classroom.
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What has working at Embassy Brighton taught you?

Working at Embassy English has taught me that there’s always something new to learn, whatever your experience or job title. Embassy offers many opportunities to improve and grow for both a brand new or seasoned teacher, along with those in managerial positions. 

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A solid continuing professional development structure is in place that includes regular inset workshops on a range of topics, such as ‘using technology in the classroom’ and ‘improving pronunciation and phonology when teaching’. 

There are also opportunities to visit workshops and conferences outside the school. For example, I visited the The English UK Teachers’ Conference 2016 in London. 

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  1. Claudia Boniche says:

    I met Mr Morrison once. Congratulations on his great job!

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