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Embassy English 11 August 2017 - by Bora Jeong, Student, Embassy English New York

English in Action: Bora from South Korea

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills in real-world settings. Many of our international students are interested in gaining confidence and fluency in English to advance their careers to the next level. Our English in Action program in the USA is a 4-8 week course where students perfect their language skills with an unpaid placement in a US business, community or educational organisation. This week, we caught up with EIA student Bora Jeong from South Korea to learn more about her English in Action experience in New York City.

English in Action

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Bora from Seoul, South Korea. I just graduated from University this year and my major was Marketing Communications as well as English and English Literature. People call me ‘tiny girl’ because I’m literally quite small. But as the expression ‘the smaller, the shrewder’ implies, I can do anything well!

What was your level of English before you started Embassy?

The first time I came here, I was in level 4, which is an intermediate level. Now I’m in a TOEFL class to make me challenged.

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

I’ve been interested in English since when I was young. So I’ve had a passion for learning English. But it was hard to improve English as much as I want especially in terms of speaking when studying in Korea. I wanted to be exposed to real-world English as well as to meet new people from all over the world to experience new culture and broaden my perspective of seeing the world.

Why did you choose Embassy English?

As a matter of fact, English in Action program was the most attractive thing for me when choosing Embassy. It was a big decision for me to come to New York after graduating University because I was supposed to get a job. I wasn’t sure if it is worth coming to New York at that time. After getting to know EIA program, I believed I can get to not only just learn English, but also use what I’ve learned in real-world practically.

What surprised you most about your experience learning English abroad?

I thought I was quite good at English. But talking with native speaker was totally different from what I had learned in Korea. People spoke so fast and used some expressions that I’d never heard before, which made me frustrated at the first time.

English in Action 2

Why did you choose the English in Action programme?

When I was considering going abroad, I wanted to not only just study English, but also experience something special which cannot be done in Korea. And I thought it would be invaluable for me if I have an opportunity to use English in real professional world. In that sense, English in Action program was appealing to me. It is definitely extraordinary experience to be surrounded by only native speakers.

How has your English improved during your English in Action programme?

I’ve been familiar with writing an email formally and gotten to know some vocabulary and expressions related to marketing, which would be useful when I get to work in the future! And while talking with co-workers, who are native speakers, I’ve been able to absorb some expressions they use in daily life. Most of all, I’ve been getting comfortable when speaking with native speakers!

How is English in Action valuable for your future?

I think it is getting more important to be a global-minded person in this inter-connected world. While I’ve worked here, I’ve gotten to experience and understand the different culture of America. In addition, I’ve gotten to know marketing process as well as be familiar with using English in the real world. It was good training for me not only in English but also in understanding the office environment. I’ve made unforgettable memories here!

What kinds of tasks were you asked to help with during English in Action?

What I mostly did was amending and updating promotional materials such as poster and centre guides using the InDesign program according to marketing requests. I also organized some data using Excel as well as did some research to help other co-workers. I sometimes created promotional materials on my own by having help from my supervisor.

English in Action 3

Tell us about your favourite memory from your English in Action experience.

I got to experience the distinctive culture in America which is called “Happy Hour” while taking EIA course. Aft the end of the day, I got to have a fun time with my co-workers at the pub! It was a little nervous for me to talk with native speakers at the first time. But thanks to nice people who tried to make me be comfortable, I got used to talking with them and enjoyed a lot! People who I’ve met here were so friendly and had a happy energy.

It was impressive experience for me and I won’t forget everything I’ve experienced here for a long time.

What do you plan to do after your English course?

After finishing my course, I am going to go on travel around here to experience more things. And after going back to South Korea, I’m going to apply for a job.

What is your dream job or career?

I will keep studying English to be more comfortable using it in daily life and for my better career. As I said before, I am going to find a job after going back to Korea. If I can, I want to work in global company in which I can use English in daily life.

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