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Embassy English 30 August 2017 - by Mohammad Alshaikhjafar, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

Meet Mohammad, Student Ambassador to Embassy Melbourne

Embassy English Student Ambassadors participate in Orientation Day presentations and extracurricular activities, and they offer valuable advice about site-seeing, local cultural events, and adjusting to life far away from home. These Ambassadors act as a “buddy-system” for our  students, so that everyone has a peer who has already experienced Embassy and can be an adviser and new friend from day one.  This week, we caught up with Mohammad Alshaikhjafar, our Saudi Student Ambassador to Embassy Melbourne

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Mohammad and I had no choice picking my name. My parents probably named me Mohammad because Muhammad Ali, famous American Boxer, was the heavy weight champion at the time. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Middle Eastern country. The city I grew up in is very close to the coast.

My grandfather used to take me fishing with him when I was young. As a result, I became a fisherman and a great swimmer. I also remember going to the beach with friends almost everyday just to enjoy the sea breeze. After I graduated from high school, I traveled to the U.S to take some English courses. I studied there for one year then went back home to work in my grandfather’s company. One day I was chatting with a friend about getting a degree in Electrical Engineering just so I could add more to the family business. My friend supported me so I started looking for some universities that offer the degree I want.

I finally went to a student agent, and he suggested that I go to Embassy Melbourne. I also read about the school and thought it would be the best option for me as it’s one of the best schools for teaching English.

I was so motivated to agree with the student agent suggestion. Two months later, I arrived in Melbourne.

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What course are you taking at Embassy?

On my first day at Embassy English, I had to take the placement test in order to get my English evaluated. New students and I logged on to our My Embassy English accounts at the library and started taking the test. The result of the placement test suggested that I should be going to an upper-intermediate class.

Fortunately after passing the upper-intermediate level, I am now in the advanced level. I like being in the advanced level because it is challenging and that means I’m learning something new.

What was your level of English before you started Embassy? What is your level now?

My English is so much better now especially my listening and speaking because of Embassy English weekly activities. Conversation club, Study Club, Chat club and different Thursday activities all helped me improve my English and make new friends.

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Why did you want to learn English abroad?

I believe that it’s so much better for me to study English in a country where English is the official language. I chose Melbourne because it is a multicultural city which makes it a suitable place for everyone regardless of age, colour and religion.

At first ,I didn’t want to leave my country but I know that sometimes a person has to get out of his/her comfort zone to achieve greatness.

Why did you want to be an Embassy Student Ambassador?

I have always enjoyed helping people and the Ambassador position gives me the opportunities to do what I love. Although, I have been very successful helping students with their questions, I believe I can do a better job once I get used to being an Ambassador.

How do you help other students as a Student Ambassador?

I can help student find about Embassy English activities or clubs that can help them improve their English. I would like to think of myself as Embassy English walking “Siri”. I don’t have all the answers but I can direct you to where you can the answers from.

student ambassador 2

What advice would you give a student starting his or her first day at Embassy English?

Don’t compare your English with others in higher levels because you will get there soon. Everyone, even me, started from scratch but I focused on my English weaknesses instead of looking at other students’ English strengths.

Also, learning a new language takes time so just enjoy the journey and before you know it, you will be speaking English like a native speaker.

What is unique about Embassy Melbourne?

The friendliness of the staff and students makes it the perfect place to learn anything.

What’s your favourite Embassy memory so far?

I smile whenever I think about that one day when my friend and I won the Oscar competition in class. I don’t really smile because we won the competition but because of something no one really knows except for my teammate. I had so much fun that day and I would love to thank the teacher who organized the event.

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What are your top 3 favourite places in your host city?

  • I enjoy taking walks by Yarra River.
  • Bourke St Mall is also a nice place to hang out with friends and have fun.
  • Federation square is where I go to do all my writing homework.

What’s your favourite word or phrase in English?

“No regrets.”

What surprised you most about your experience learning English abroad?

Everyone wants to learn English and not just me!

What do you plan to do after your English course?

The plan is to get accepted at a university in Melbourne that offers a degree in Electrical Engineering. After completion of my studies at the university, I’m planning to go back home and be with my family.


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