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Embassy English 22 September 2017 - by John Lograsso, Regional Centre Director West, Embassy English

Embassy Cal Poly & Tsuyama College

Embassy English at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. With several nationally ranked degree programs, Embassy Cal Poly is perfect for students wanting to study English in a true US university environment, as well as those wishing to take advantage of the pathway offered into a number of graduate programs at Cal Poly. Recently, we had the honour of hosting students and faculty from the National Institute of Technology Tsuyama College, Japan at Embassy Cal Poly.

Cal Poly Tsuyama Hearst Castle

At the close of August I had the pleasure of receiving a group of fourteen students, their professor and their English teacher, from the National Institute of Technology Tsuyama College at our Embassy English Center on the campus of Cal Poly.

Cal Poly Tsuyama Presentation

Tsuyama College is an engineering school located just outside Okayama City in western Japan and students’ majors were in the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence just to name a few.

Cal Poly Tsuyama Pancake Breakfast School Cafeteria

We were warmly received by the Cal Poly community led by their staff and current students. Cal Poly students were very involved during the two weeks by participating in language exchanges, leading campus tours, offering lab visits and hosting a welcome dinner and a farewell pancake breakfast.

Cal Poly Tsuyama Pismo Beach Day

The students were constantly immersed in the day-to-day life of this beautiful campus, whether in class at Embassy actively learning English, or eating dinner alongside the Cal Poly football team, the Mustangs, at the cafeteria.

Cal Poly Tsuyama BBQ at Farmer's Market

We were living the good life on and off campus, as we took excursions to downtown San Luis Obispo, ate at the farmer’s market, played basketball with local students at the rec center, hiked the trails behind our dormitories, hosted Cal Poly students at our BBQs and visited Pismo Beach for the day.

Cal Poly Tsuyama Presentations

The Tsuyama students were assigned research projects and presentations about Elephant seals and Hearst Castle, which we also visited and toured.

Cal Poly Graduation

We are grateful to all the staff and students at Cal Poly, especially the RAs at Poly Canyon Village, our comfortable dormitory.

Thank you, Cal Poly and thank you, Tsuyama College!

Until next year!

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