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Embassy English 27 September 2017 - by Maria Campos, Student, Embassy English Brisbane

My Embassy Life: Maria from Spain at Embassy Brisbane

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Maria Campos  from Spain  shares her experience of studying English at Embassy Brisbane as part of our My Embassy Life series. 

Embassy BrisbaneMy last trip from Brisbane to Airlie Beach.

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself. I like photography and I’m interested in art too. I usually enjoy spending time with my friends and riding my bike in my city, Seville, in the south of Spain. To be honest I’m in love with Seville, but now I feel a necessity to travel, and this is the reason why I’m living in Australia for a short time.

When I lived in Spain I was used to meeting a lot of foreign students in my university and when I went to parties as well. My city has very good weather that is why foreign students choose this city for learning Spanish and for living. I used to feel a lot of envy about that, and I wished I could speak good English and study in another country, and have an overseas experience.

I think that English is very important when you travel and you meet people from around the world. I remember I had been in the United States for holidays five years ago, and I couldn’t speak English. Fortunately I was traveling with a friend and she spoke English, but she left two days earlier than me and I remember I spent time alone in New York and I was very bored in the backpackers. So at that time I thought ‘’ooh if I could speak English I could enjoy things with other people’’.

So when I finished my studies at university, I decided to learn English. I know English is important if you want to get a good job, but for me it isn’t just about the job, I think it is important for your personal growth.

Embassy Brisbane 1My first house, Westella. West End, Brisbane.

When I arrived in Australia I couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t understand anything. I haven’t studied English since I finished school, eight years ago. I remember my English level at school was so bad. In my country English was a problem for people from my generation. We know a lot of grammar because when we were in the school we wrote a lot, but speaking and listening were a problem. So now everybody from my generation goes to  English speaking countries to learn English. In this aspect Spain is very different to other countries in Europe where people can speak  English well as a second language.

When I arrived in Australia I decided to live with people who speak English. My first house in Brisbane was in West End in a big house with 22 people, “Westella”. When I moved to this house I met people from a lot of different countries (Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Poland, France, Switzerland, England, The United States, Scotland, Argentina, and Spain.) I was the only Spanish person in the house and one guy from Argentina, but he knew a lot of English.

I’m gonna tell you a funny little story about my first day in the house. When I moved in to the house I remember I put my stuff in my room and after that my housemates asked me if wanted to go to Eat Steet Food Market with them. They explained to me that the place was like a food festival. I couldn’t understand very much, just the invitation to enjoy  and ‘’festival’’ and at the time I thought ‘’ooh FESTIVAL, it’s a good way to start my first day’’ and I assumed that the festival was about music. But when I arrived to the place I saw the festival was about food, so my face looked like this 🙁

I almost couldn’t understand anything when my house mates talked to me, but I remember I enjoyed  myself anyway. I knew it was only a matter of time.

Embassy Brisbane 4Tasmanian Sunset in Australia is amazing!

After one week in Brisbane I started at the English School, Embassy English Brisbane, in the city. I was very fortunate because my teacher was very good. Her name was Katie  and she is from Ireland, but the first weeks were hard because I started in level 4, and maybe my level was 3 at that time.

When you don’t know English and you are starting to learn you can really see that your English is getting better, I think you learn quickly, like a kid, and after that you feel your English  has stopped improving. But I think it depends on the moment, or of on the day, or your mood… some days you wake up in the morning and you can understand everything and speak well, and other days you wish you didn’t get up or out of bed. But it’s okay, I think it’s normal, not every day is the same.

I spent six months at Embassy English. I chose this school just because my agency recommended it to me. They recommended different schools but I didn’t know anything about any of the schools so I asked which was the best school, and they told me that Embassy was more expensive but it was the best.

I enjoyed my second course at Embassy English more than the first. My teacher was Grainne. She is from Ireland also, like Katie. For me Grainne was the best teacher. Before her I had met many other teachers. I like her way of teaching and she is so funny. I prefer it when the teachers are close to their students.

Actually, I finished my English course and now I’m gonna travel to New Caledonia and after that to Indonesia for two months. I think it is a opportunity to see other countries, I’m so far from my country, and I wanna see another cultures. During my life in Australia I traveled around a lot, and now I want to leave  this amazing country.

In October I will go back to Spain and I’m gonna start working in my family business. But I know I want to continue with my English.

If you want an amazing experience and to learn English, Australia is your destiny.

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