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Embassy English 20 October 2017 - by Hyegyeong Choi, Student, Embassy English Auckland

Meet Hyegyeong: Student Ambassador to Embassy Auckland

Embassy English Student Ambassadors participate in Orientation Day presentations and extracurricular activities, and they offer valuable advice about site-seeing, local cultural events, and adjusting to life far away from home. These Ambassadors act as a “buddy-system” for our  students, so that everyone has a peer who has already experienced Embassy and can be an adviser and new friend from day one.  This week, we caught up with Hyegyeong Choi, our South Korean Student Ambassador to Embassy Auckland

Embassy Auckland 6

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

 Hi my name is Hyegyeong Choi, but everyone calls me ‘Hayley’ which is my English name. Also, my nickname is ‘Tuna’ or ‘koala’. I’m from western part of South Korea, Pyeongtaek. I’ve been in New Zealand for about 5 months to study English.

Embassy Auckland 12

When I came here at first, I couldn’t speak English very well. I couldn’t understand any radio, song, people’s conversation. But I improved quickly thanks to good teachers and my effort. So now I can speak English pretty well, understand some radio, lyrics and people’s conversation in the street. I’m so glad to be accomplished and I enjoy my class every day.

Embassy Auckland 7

What course are you taking at Embassy?

I’m taking a General English intensive 28 course, which is the longest course.

Embassy Auckland 2

What was your level of English before you started Embassy? What is you level now?

I was pre-intermediate at first. But now I’ve just entered upper-intermediate. But my progress level, which is the end of upper-intermediate, is higher than my target level for this month.

Embassy Auckland 10

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

There are several reasons. The first of all is because I’ve had a dream to speak English very well like a native speaker since I was young. And also, it is my mother’s dream as well. She’s wanted me to go abroad to study. I was dreaming about living and studying abroad when I was in middle school. So I wondered how it is. The last one is that if I can speak English very well, it will be easier to get a good job or I can work abroad, I hope.

Embassy Auckland 9

Why did you choose Embassy English?

 Because this is the one of the best English academies in the world and I heard that this is freer and there are more activities, which is the opposite of South Korean education. Also Embassy is good at communication between teachers and students.

Embassy Auckland 3

How do you help other students as a Student Ambassador?

When they don’t know some vocabulary or understand some grammar, which I know well, I explain these them to help them understand well. I usually use some metaphors or give them some examples.

And socially, I take care of classmates who can’t get along with others because of shyness or who are homesick or depressed. I listen to them and give them some advice or sometimes I take them to a party, because I love people and would like to help them.

Embassy Auckland 13

What advice would you give a student starting his or her first day at Embassy English?

  1. Don’t be afraid to talk with your neighbour, speaking English.
  2. Say hello first, and have lunch with classmates
  3. Don’t stick with only your country friends.
  4. I’d recommend bringing your dictionary.
  5. You should definitely go to the library to study.
  6. You really must go to Britomart to get a bus card and get discounts.
  7. It is probably best to use the Google map application on your phone.
  8. Don’t judge people due to their country, appearance and race, before you talk.

Embassy Auckland 3

What’s your favorite Embassy memory so far?

I can’t choose only one because I am still here. It might be Friday trip to Muriwai beach or could be a party with classmates or trip with classmates.

Embassy Auckland 1

What’s your favorite word or phrase in English?

 – Failure leads to success

– No pain, No gain

Embassy Auckland

What do you plan to do after your English course?

When it comes to my future plans, before I go back to Korea, I will go to Sydney, Australia by myself. Because I’ve just got a job as a cashier, I will save some money to go on a trip. It must be good for improving my English because there are mostly Kiwi customers and I have to take orders by phone in English. And also it is much cheaper to fly to Sydney from here than from my country. And then I will go back to my country to finish my university degree. Moreover, if I could get some time for a break later, I’d go another country to work by working holiday visa.    


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