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Embassy English 17 November 2017 - by Kate George Kpikpitse, Centre Director, Embassy English London

Catching Up with Embassy London

Hello! My name is Kate and I’m the Centre Director for Embassy London, a recently acquired post although I am certainly not new to Embassy English! After spending time teaching in various countries, Moldova, Spain and Greece I arrived back in London in 2000 and took up a teaching post with Embassy London and from then became Head of Teaching then Academic Manager and now Centre Director.

Embassy London FT

Working with Embassy has always been a great pleasure; I have met some amazing people over the years and have made some great friends. When I arrived as a teacher all those years ago I learned and developed exponentially.

It was the first school I had worked in that really invested in teacher development for student learning and was an inspiration.

This focus on Student learning and providing students with amazing experiences in a family atmosphere remains at the core of what we do here. Our teaching team are a special bunch of people who are extremely motivated and crucially, they genuinely care about the student experience and are committed to and invested in student progress.


Here in London we share the school with Bellerbys London and ISC Coventry. This ensures a unique environment for our students wherein they have access to information about further study and advice – readily available! They mix with students from many different backgrounds and cultures, with different goals which can provide alternate insights and possibilities.

The lovely and smiley Student Experience team are always at the ready to assist and advise on any questions about living here in London.


As the great Samuel Johnson sagely said When a man (or woman Samuel!) is tired of London, he is tired of life.’  London has something for everyone, it’s 100 miles an hour, it’s a leafy walk by the river.

I have lived here for almost 20 years and am still discovering new areas and of course amazing bars and restaurants as well as countless other things to do, most recently Denis Severs House which is truly a remarkable experience!

It is also one of the most tolerant and multi-cultural cities I know and embraces new ideas and innovations with open arms – so life affirming!


Here at Embassy English London the whole team work extremely hard to ensure that students have a really fun time and learn English and enjoy London!


To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy London, contact us today! 

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