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Embassy English 2 November 2017 - by Minouche Duval, Academic Manager, Embassy English Brisbane

Halloween at Embassy English Brisbane

Halloween originated two thousand years ago in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom with the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced So-in). The 31 October was the last day of the Celtic year and the new year was celebrated on November 1st. Halloween marked the beginning of winter and it was believed that at this time the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and that is why it is associated with ghosts of the dead coming back. In Brisbane vampires, skeletons, witches, superheroes, kings, wizards and Scream masked ghosts invaded Embassy English Brisbane

Embassy Brisbane 1

The best dressed costumes went to Dasom, Enrico and Min.

Embassy Brisbane 22

Dasom                                                      Enrico                                                          Min

Students worked together in their classes to decorate the doors with spiders, cob webs, blood, bats, ghosts, skulls and bones and even an Egyptian mummy.

Embassy Brisbane 23

This added to the spooky atmosphere!

Embassy Brisbane 24

Embassy Brisbane 10

Embassy Brisbane 11

The following three classes won a pizza lunch as a prize because of the great effort they put in to the day.

Meghan’s Upper Intermediate class won best door and class effort.

Embassy Brisbane 12

Justine’s Upper-Intermediate class won best class effort for the Scream Masks.

Embassy Brisbane 13

Jasmine’s Communication elective class won scariest door with a mummy out the front.

Embassy Brisbane 14

The IELTS class took a short break from test preparation and dressed up as super heroes.

Embassy Brisbane 15

The advanced class were very cute and some students dressed up as pumpkins.

Embassy Brisbane 16

The English for Academic Purposes class graduated in Harry Potter wizard gowns.

Embassy Brisbane 25

The staff at Embassy English Brisbane revealed their true selves!!

Embassy Brisbane 19

I wonder what creatures will visit next year in 2018!

Embassy Brisbane 26

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