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Embassy Alumni 14 December 2017 - by Michela Scolari, Academic Assistant, Embassy English London

Embassy Alumni: Douglas from Brazil

Douglas studied at Embassy English London for 6 months, from June to December 2016. Michela, our Academic Assistant, has recently caught up with him to see how he is doing and get some feedback on his Embassy Life experience in London and at our school. Here is what he told us!

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M: So, Douglas, you are now back in Brazil. Could you tell us about your life before and after you started learning English at Embassy?

D: Well, I’m a University student in Brazil. Just before coming to London I had completed a job placement as part of my university course in Mechanical Engineering. Now I have gone back to Uni and am studying really hard to complete my course. I will graduate at the end of 2017.

M: What was your level of English when you started at Embassy and at the end of your course?

D: I started in the pre-intermediate class and my final level was upper-intermediate. I feel I made a lot of progress in my 6 months at Embassy, especially in listening, which was my weak area.

M: What made you choose Embassy English London?

D: To be honest, it was mainly because the school is very close to my cousin’s house, where I stayed during my time in London.

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M: What did you like most about your school?

D: I liked everything. I had a very good time at Embassy and I cannot think of anything that I did not like… Oh, well, maybe the Internet connection… It was a little slow at times, but this is not important. The staff are really friendly and helpful , and the classes are very multinational. I would recommend your school to anyone who wanted to study English in London.

M: What’s your favourite memory of Embassy English?

D: The friends I made. I met some great people in Embassy, like Malik from Saudi Arabia and Nik from Colombia. Actually, I’m going to visit Nik in Colombia pretty soon!

Also, over the summer the school organised a boat party. That was my first time out with my new friends and I enjoyed myself a lot.

M: What helped you the most to improve your English?

D: Definitely the possibility to speak to native speakers. Back in June 2016, when I had been in London for only a few weeks, I went to a pub with my cousin and got talking to a few young men. When I told them I was from Brazil, they said I had to be very good at football. Actually, in Brazil I played football professionally for 2 years and so when they invited me to join their football team I said yes. I played football one or twice a week in London and of course most of the players were native speakers, so that was very good practice for me.

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M: What are your 3 favourite places in London?

D: Wow, this is a difficult question! Most parts of London are amazing. Greenwich has got great pubs and a really big park… That’s probably one of my favourite places. When I was in the UK, I traveled a lot. I visited other cities, such as Liverpool and Oxford, and I also went to other European countries, like Germany and France.

M: What did you usually do in your free time in London?

D: I generally hung out with my friends, played football, and played cards. I also took part in a lot of social programme activities. For example, I went to a David Bowie tribute at the Albert Hall which was really cool!

M: How about your teachers?

D: They were great! Very friendly, knowledgeable and dynamic. They were also very helpful and always answered all my questions.

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M: What are your future plans?

D: I want to graduate and find a job as a mechanical engineer. English is an important skill if you want to find a good job in Brazil. Also, I would like to travel a little bit more.

M: And last but not least, what’s your favourite phrase or word in English?

D: I don’t have a favourite, but there is a line from a song by Soja, a US singer, that I really like. It goes “Everything that you say becomes the thing that you do remember; what you put out there is building you”. I think it’s a very true statement.


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