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Embassy English 22 December 2017 - by Tori Graf, English Teacher, Embassy English Melbourne

Embassy Teachers: Tori Graf, Embassy Melbourne

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. We promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Recently we caught up with Tori Graf, English Teacher at Embassy Melbourne, to learn more about her passion for teaching and why Australia is great for international students. 

Embassy Melbourne 9

Tell us about yourself!

Melbourne is my hometown and although I have lived overseas in cities big and small in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland, Switzerland and Mexico and Melbourne is still my favourite city in the world. I came home to work at Embassy three years ago and am always discovering new things to love about this vibrant, constantly changing city.

Embassy Melbourne2

What makes your city unique? Why is it a good city for foreign students?

Melbourne is a city of festivals and celebrations so students are able to find a little piece of home wherever they are from and a huge range of art, music, comedy, dance and food to experience for the first time.

I’ve always loved to travel and while my classroom gives me a chance to meet new people from around the world every day the fact that Melbourne is such a multicultural and diverse world city means that when I walk out of my international classroom  I get more than just the great Aussies you can find in all Australian cities and towns; I get a whole world of food and culture at my doorstep. From Lygon Street’s little Italy to authentic Asian fair on Victoria Street and everything in between there is always something to taste and explore.

Embassy Melbourne 4

What advice would you give a student on their first day in your city?

We have great public transport but the best part is the Melbourne tram system that transports you through the streets at a speed that allows you to get where you’re going and enjoy the ride. All trams in the centre of Melbourne are free now so when you arrive I suggest heading into the CBD and hopping on any tram to explore the city, and don’t forget to look up at our amazing architecture.

When you have figured out the streets you just have to climb a few stairs to find one of Melbourne’s great rooftop bars to appreciate the city from above. My favourite is “Rooftop Bar” in Curtin House on Swanston Street. From there you can try some local drinks, grab a burger and check out the city skyline. They even have a rooftop outdoor cinema!
Embassy Melbourne 5

Can you tell us a fun fact about the history or culture?

Most people know that Melbourne has won the title of the world’s most liveable city for 7 years in a row, but did you know it is the site of the first traffic light in Australia, and the city in the world with the highest number of restaurants and cafes per number of people!

It was also called Batmania before they settled on the name Melbourne.

Embassy Melbourne 8

What’s the best thing to do outside in your city? What’s the best indoor activity?

Without a doubt the best indoor activity in Melbourne is eating and drinking. With some of Australia’s best wine at our doorstep in the nearby Yarra Valley and a real passion for good coffee true Melbournians love to spend their quiet indoor time trying new flavours and catching up with friends. If you are on a diet don’t worry, you can feed your soul at one of our many great galleries instead.

Embassy Melbourne 6

If you prefer to get outside Melbourne is a city of parks and gardens so a picnic in the Botanical Gardens or at St Kilda beach is a great way to enjoy a nice day out. If you are feeling more active, hire a row boat from one of the boathouses and take yourself for a tour on the river or wander through the incredible inner city laneways covered in bright and inspiring graffiti art.

Embassy Melbourne 10

Tell us about the famous local food and restaurants in your area.

Melbourne really is a food lover’s paradise but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are regular food truck and street food festivals and one of my favourite things to do is visit the Queen Victoria Market to fill up my fridge with fresh fruit and cheese and then sit down at one of the market’s cafes to feast on great Japanese or Mexican food. If you really want to fit in with the Aussies grab a tasty meat pie from a bakery or café and taste Australia.

Embassy Melbourne 3

Where is the best place to go shopping in your city?

Australians travel from other cities to shop in Melbourne and it is not hard to see why. The city centre offers all the big names in fashion but we have so much more in our little laneway boutiques and even have the biggest shopping centre in Australia at Chadstone.  Whatever your style is, you are sure to find something in Melbourne’s shops.

Embassy Melbourne 1

Can you tell us 3 things students can do within walking distance of your school?

Embassy’s Melbourne campus is in the city centre and you can walk to the beautiful Yarra River, the Crown Casino Entertainment Complex and some of the city’s major tourist attractions such as the Aquarium, Melbourne Museum and Eureka Tower Skydeck easily.

Many students find a place to stay in the city so you can also enjoy the luxury of walking home after a fun day in class.

Embassy Melbourne 7

What is the weather like? Do you have any tips about what to pack?

We have great summers and it can get pretty hot but it is true when people say “If you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait five minutes”. As we get all four seasons (sometimes in one day) it is wise to pack a few warm layers and if you are coming in the colder months bring a proper coat. We still get beautiful blue skies a lot in winter but if you want to make the most of your time here pack the sunscreen and a scarf.

Embassy Melbourne

 What 3 words do you think sum up your city

  1. Alive
  2. Exciting
  3. Surprising


To learn more about studying English in exciting Embassy Melbourne in Australia, contact us today!


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