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Embassy English 27 December 2017 - by Andrew Skelton, Teacher, Embassy English Gold Coast

Why You Should Learn English at Embassy Gold Coast

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I’m an English teacher at Embassy Gold Coast in Australia! I am originally from Sydney Australia, which I am still very fond of and travel to occasionally.

I have been an English teacher for seven years, working first at the Embassy Brisbane, and now here on the Gold Coast. So I have spent my whole teaching life as a teacher with Embassy English and the time seems to have gone rapidly, due to I feel, the thoroughly enjoyable nature of the work involved.

Embassy Gold Coast 1

Embassy Gold Coast gets a great mix of students from across the world. The students learn, work together and make friends while familiarising themselves with a multitude of different cultures.  One of the most amazing and satisfying parts of being a teacher is seeing my students move on to further study, graduation and working in a new environment with their adopted language.

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In my time with Embassy I have helped students receive the certification or the IELTS score necessary to enter specialised technical colleges or university, including Griffith, UQ and Tafe.  Many of my students move onto technical colleges and University in Australia and witness their dreams of adventure overseas become a reality.

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One recent memory of a student that I have helped was a student who wished to move down to a lower class and who felt she wasn’t ready for my Upper Intermediate level class. I asked her to have a little faith in her ability and patience and she persevered.

Finally when she graduated this student came back to me to thank me for giving her the confidence to persevere, since she felt she had improved so much since those first few days she had been in class. Besides the scores and the academic achievements, small moments like these also make the worthwhile difference to my work.

Embassy Gold Coast 6

Embassy Gold Coast is a great place to study English. We have a centrally located campus right in the middle of the entertainment district called Surfers Paradise, and are a short walk away from one of the most attractive and popular beaches in the world.

We have our pristine coast directly to the east of the school, with unbounded natural flora and wildlife across the Great Dividing Range to the west. To the north with have the bustling and dynamic metropolitan centre of Brisbane within reach, while to the south numerous coastal towns, each with their own distinct identity, such as Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour, among many others, abound.

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In the city centre, Surfer’s Paradise, there are many entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and clubs. Neighbouring Broad Beach provides an international grade shopping experience and the local Casino provides shows, entertainment and much more. Additionally, The Q1 tower is a popular location to see the eclectic Gold coast skyline.

But there is much more to the Gold Coast. I regularly go into the western hinterland to spread out from the coast and breathe in the uniquely fresh fragrances and cleanest air of our Australian forests. In places like Mount Tamborine, Eagle Heights and Lamington National Park one can feel the natural connection with our planet.

For genuine excitement, however the Gold Coast offers multiple theme parks for recreation.  Movie, Dream and Sea Worlds, Wet n’ Wild and Wild life Sanctuaries offer many unique experiences for those after thrills.

Embassy Gold Coast 5

On your first day I would recommend you relax and take everything at a measured pace. This is the Gold Coast, so you don’t need to remember everything at once! The only other things I would recommend would be to smile when you can and make a note to remember the other student’s names.

This really is a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about other people from around the world, so remembering a name will go a long way to enriching your time here.   To learn English more quickly immersion is the key.

Embassy Gold Coast

Where possible use you newly learnt language each day, and listen to English music and radio. You can also watch English videos, read English web pages or books and write a short journal of your daily events in Australia.  Remember that when you’re having fun, time tends to move quickly so keep your goals in mind. You take with you what you put into the experience.

If I should choose a favourite English word or phrase of mine to share with you then I would choose the word “freedom”. Freedom means something to everyone, but within the context of this blog I will suggest that it is the result, and the cause of making good decisions for ourselves.


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