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Embassy English 28 February 2018 - by Embassy English

Embassy English is Going Green

Embassy go green

As part of our Going Green initiative many of our centres, and students, have been taking part in their own activities to protect the environment.

Did you know by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will weigh more than all the fish?

We want to make a difference and our centres are working to help the planet in a number of ways;

  • Increased emphasis on recycling and educating students and staff on how to do it
  • Running environment focused activities on each campus
  • Recycling textbooks after students have finished their course
  • Running an environmentally friendly movie club to raise awareness

Our centres have really been getting involved in this drive for change; take a look below at what they’ve been up to.

Beach clean in San Diego

Embassy san diego beach clean

Incorporating this into the academic learning programme, our San Diego team have developed a beach clean programme where all levels take part in a study of pollution, discussing ways to become a green consumer.

Students and teachers headed to Ocean Beach for a community clean up followed by the graduation ceremony which was held on the beach.

Tasks in some classes for this programme involved practicing their English when participating in the beach clean, presentations for classrooms to go paperless and some classes created video projects to demonstrate how we can go ‘Go Green’.

Watch the Upper-Intermediate class video about heading to the beach clean.

Melbourne – Going Green videos

Embassy Melbourne students have put together a series of videos highlighting environmental issues and climate change. Our international students are from Colombia, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, and Japan.

Take a look at these on our YouTube channel here.

London – no more plastic!

Embassy London have said,

“After seeing horrifying images of all the plastic floating around in oceans around the world – we are getting rid of plastic in our cafeteria, no more plastic knives and forks and please bring refillable mugs to fill up on water!”

Embassy London Going Green no cups

Embassy London going green no plastic cutlery

Great job guys!

Embassy London has also shared a number of Going Green videos created by their students.

You can watch them on our YouTube channel.

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