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Embassy English 5 February 2018 - by Gemma Armel, Centre Administrator & Social Activities Organiser, Embassy English Cambridge

Getting to Know Embassy Cambridge

Hi, I’m Gemma. I run the Social activities programme here at Embassy Cambridge. I grew up near to Cambridge and went to school near here too. I left school aged 16 to join a pop group as a singer and toured the UK with a famous boy band. I then lived in Florida, USA for 5 years working as a children’s entertainer at private parties. I’ve also lived in other parts of the UK including Southampton and Essex as well as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, China and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. After being on tour as a singer and then having children I joined Embassy Cambridge in September, 2016.

Ice skating with students 2016

I really enjoy my work here as I get to do lots of different things. As well as social activities I also do a lot of administration for the school like checking students passports and visas.

My favourite part of my job is meeting lots of new people every week and discovering something about their country that I never knew. For example, I didn’t realise that South Korea has gone from being a very poor country to having an amazing economy that provides lots of different products to the world.

Embassy Cambridge Student experience award

I think what makes Embassy Cambridge so special is our centre is like a family home and our staff are always caring and friendly towards students. We all enjoy our work and because of that we enjoy being around each other and helping students to improve their English.

Also, the architecture, the history and the activities around Cambridge make it a special place and the fact that so many amazing people throughout history have studied here gives it an incredible atmosphere.

Embassy Cambridge Round church 2017

Before Christmas we had some of our students learning outside of the classroom and they were given the task of interviewing people around Cambridge and asking them questions. This is a great way of learning to interact with people that you don’t know, finding out something new about people and practicing your English with native English speakers.

The most important thing to remember when you’re studying here is practice! Practice your English wherever and whenever you can!

Don’t be shy! It might be your one and only chance to really learn the language and be around English speaking. Coffee shops are a great place to meet up with friends and maybe have a topic that you can start speaking about.

Embassy Cambridge Bowling with students 2017

Here at Embassy we encourage students to take part in activities and trips because when you’re having fun you create memories and you share memories with your friends and hopefully speak about it in school speaking English.

I can’t speak any other language so I respect each and every student that comes to us as they’re always trying their best to improve.


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