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Embassy English 12 March 2018 - by Guilhermo Pareja

English in Action: develop skills at BMW in San Francisco

English in action BMW

Our English in Action programme is a fantastic way for students to study English in the USA and then undertake an unpaid placement with one of our local business classes. They can choose from companies across a variety of industries and discover what it’s like to use English language skills in a real work environment.

Guilhermo Pareja from Brazil tells us about his experience completing English in Action at Embassy San Francisco where he was placed with BMW.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Guilhermo, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil and I’m 20 years old. Back in my country I’m studying Food Engineering.

2) Why did you choose to study with Embassy?

By the time I started to plan my trip there were many options of good English schools, but there are many differences between then. I’ve chosen Embassy English mostly because of the good reputation and the opportunity to have a distinct experience to improve my English with action.

3) Why did you choose the English in Action programme?

Beyond the chance to practice my English, I decided to take part in this program because I would be able to interact with native speakers in a work environment. Other thing that draw my attention was the possibility to learn new skills and knowledge.

4) How did Embassy English prepare you for your English in Action placement?

During the program and the whole period I was in Embassy I received support to make the best choices and to prepare myself to this new experience. They helped me with my resume and to arrange the interviews.

5) How has your English improved during your English in Action programme?  What tasks were you asked to help out with at your host company?  Did you learn any new skills?

Guilhermo from Brazil After 8 weeks in the program I realise how my English improved. I was placed with BMW of San Francisco. There I could work in the Parts Department, specifically with online sales.  Taking part in the online sales team gave me the opportunity to work every day with five great co-workers and learn a lot with them. There was a lot of work to do, so I could help in various tasks. For example, processing orders from Amazon, and pulling and packing everything you can imagine.

6) How will your English in Action experience be valuable to your future?

The work experience and English skills are really important and certainly will help me a lot in my professional future. Now it’s time to go back home, but for sure, I will carry on not only English and professional knowledge, but also personal growth, some good friends and a lot of positive memories.

7) Would you recommend the English in Action programme to other students? If so, why?

Absolutely yes, I would recommend the program if you want to have a great time in an awesome city such as San Francisco, make some friends and also if you want a rewarding and challenging experience.

embassy san francisco

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