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Embassy English 21 March 2018 - by Chihiro Hagiya

Meet Chihiro from Japan, Embassy San Francisco

Chihiro Embassy San Francisco

Embassy San Francisco student, Chihiro from Japan, tells us about her experience 


I have been in San Francisco for 11 months. When I first came here I could not understand English or speak more than a couple words. My first class level was elementary. I remember in the first class I was really nervous, but my first teacher, Gizem, took care of me and make me feel better about my low level of English. She was very energetic, positive, and she involved everyone in the class. Because of her, I was able to begin learning in a class I enjoyed and felt comfortable in.Chihiro death valley

Many people ask me, why did I choose San Francisco? I chose this city because I wanted to have as many unique experiences as possible. While in San Francisco I was able to visit a lot of cool places. Some friends and I took a road trip to Death Valley. We got to see the stars at night; they were brighter than I’d ever seen there. I also went to Napa Valley to try all the wines they have. Summer in San Francisco was amazing, it was always sunny and warm so I spent a lot of time outside exploring San Francisco and California. I had no idea I could be here nearly a year and still find so many new thing to do. I still have to visit Alcatraz and ride the cable car before I leave.

Chihiro with ladies Recently, I have been obsessed with bachata, which is a cool sexy dance from Dominican Republic. I am learning how to dance from my host family and from weekly dance meetups. Dancing makes me feel alive and it helps me get rid of stress and worries. I was never able to find anything like this in Japan, dancing isn’t very popular there. I’m planning to go to Australia in May, where I will keep practicing and learn more about bachata there.

In addition to all the cool places I visited, some of my best memories of Embassy are the teachers. My teachers were so kind and funny in class, they made classes fun to be in, especially Shannon and Bruce. They also helped me when I had problems in school or life problems. Even the director, John, took time to help me when I was struggling. The friends I made in and out of class will also stay in my memory forever. I was able to learn about so many different cultures, try new foods, learn a few words in other languages, and experience the friendships of people from all over the world. It was a truly amazing experience to meet and become friends with people from completely different cultures.

Chihiro at dinner San Francisco

I will miss San Francisco, my host family, my teachers, and the friends I made here. I wish I could stay forever and continue making new memories with the people here. I really appreciate everything and everyone here. I am going to travel to Europe and Australia next to visit old friends, some from Embassy, and see more of the world before heading back to Japan. If you’d like to see Japan come in 2020, Tokyo will have the Olympics.”


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