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Embassy English 16 April 2018 - by Minouche Duval, Academic Manager, Embassy Brisbane

Embassy Brisbane video competition – Embassy Experience

Embassy Brisbane students

At Embassy English we believe in the full student experience – living and breathing English in an English speaking country, while making friends from all over the world. The Embassy Experience Competition gives students the opportunity to reflect on their experience and to create a personal video.

There aren’t many places where you would find twenty- nine nationalities studying and learning together! Embassy English BrisbaneEmbassy English Brisbane is proud to currently welcome students from twenty-five countries and Embassy teachers from four different countries. Currently at the Brisbane campus there are students from Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, China, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, France, Spain, Peru, Canada, Sweden, Laos, Ethiopia, Nepal and India. Embassy also has teachers from England, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

The Embassy Experience competition was held in February this year. Students worked together to create a video sharing their memories and experience in Australia.

What a privilege for the Embassy English team to be part of our students’ English language journey as reflected in these very impressive videos.

Embassy Brisbane video winners

Embassy English Brisbane would like to thank the following students for their entries and for sharing their experience.

Lucas Pelegrino Bonalumi and Walter Caldeira Dan Roth won the prize for the ‘Most Humorous Video’. Walter was the leading man and the opening scene references the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Lucas has a background in film studies and was the director of this video.

Johanna Garcia Soto and Joshua Alejandro Montanez Salazar won the prize for the ‘Most Animated Video’. Their video used the wonderful Australian expression of ‘No Worries’ and depicted different cultures all living in Australia.

Hyeonyoung (Zoe) You’s video won the prize for the ‘Video which Best Captured Class Life and Classmates’. The judges loved the images of the individual class members and their teacher as well as the classwork footage.

Dilara Demirok’s video captured the ‘Priceless Experience of Studying at Embassy’. Dilara’s video was a celebration of friendships including trips to Noosa and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Jaeseong (Tom) Shin’s video featured great images of Brisbane city and included a night trip on the City Cat to the Eat Street Markets. Jaeseong’s video was awarded the prize for ‘The Video which Best Captured the Journey to Brisbane City’.


Juan Jose Amariles Giraldo and Juliana Moreno Cardona‘s video won the prize for ‘The Video Which Best Captured the Friendships that are Formed’. Juan and Juliana described Brisbane as the City that ‘Opens Doors’ and travelling to Australia as the ‘Trip that Opens the Mind’.

Max Schopf won the award for the ‘Video which Best Captured the Use of Technology’ by filming Brisbane with a Drone.

Luis Fernando Montoya Baena won the prize for the ‘Video which Best Captured the Sequence of Events when Arriving in Brisbane’. 

We’re very proud of all students who submitted videos as part of the Embassy Brisbane video competition and took part. To find out more about studying English at Embassy Brisbane, head to our website.

Embassy English Brisbane would like to thank our generous sponsors for the fantastic prizes they offered.

These were provide by Mojo Surf, Dreamworld, Sunset Safaris, Five Star Cinemas, Australia Zoo, Backpackers World, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Longman, IELTS Australia and Jackpot Dining.

Embassy English Brisbane Embassy English BrisbaneEmbassy English Brisbane

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