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Embassy English 20 April 2018 - by Timo Stomberg

My Embassy Life: Timo at Embassy San Diego

Hi everyone! My name is Timo and I was at Embassy English in San Diego from October 2017 to January 2018. Due to its subtropical climate, this winter felt like summer for me as a German.

The announcement of the pilot to put on the seat belts was music to my ears after a journey of about 22 hours. And there they were, finally, the beautiful lights of San Diego. Here I should stay for the next three months – how great!

My Embassy Life - San DiegoBefore school was going to start in two weeks, I had time to explore San Diego and its areas. This may sound like a long time for just one city, but San Diego has so many beautiful suburbs, parks and beaches, that I didn’t visit any place twice within that time. Furthermore, one of my most important purposes was to meet Americans, see and feel how they live. That’s why I also went to different universities, talked to random people and attended a dance school. Another good way of getting to know the American culture in a genuine way was to live with my host family in Point Loma.

Very impressed by all the friendly staff and the personal way they called us welcome, I found myself in Embassy on October 23rd. The following twelve weeks were full of great experiences. Meeting people from all over the world was one of them. Despite of any cultural or attitudinal differences, each single student was part of an amazing, fascinating group. Probably there is no other place than a language school where you learn and experience that much about so many parts of the world.
My Embassy Life - San Diego

Because the school, with all the staff and students, felt so intimate, I gladly contributed to some projects, from which one was the foundation of a newspaper club. Once a week students came together to read about interesting, latest topics, which were discussed afterwards. It was a great way to practice reading suitably written newspapers and expressing the own opinion.

My Embassy Life - San DiegoTo everyone who is going to San Diego, I highly recommend to visit nearby areas in Mexico. First of all, partying is a totally different experience – especially at places where Mexican locals go to. This way and with a little luck I met nice Mexicans in Tijuana and Ensenada, who showed me around and invited me to join them and their friends. Even right after the border, Mexico is absolutely different from California and I am so glad having seen parts of this interesting country.

The overall experience during my stay abroad was fantastic. San Diego is a beautiful city and Embassy a place to feel completely comfortable. I got many insights into the life of Americans and Mexicans, and I learnt so much about cultures from all around the world. People are so different, but actually we are all similar.

My Embassy Life San Diego

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