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Embassy Play 11 June 2018 - by Nicholas Schwaiger, English Teacher at Embassy Melbourne

Embassy Melbourne students visit Collingwood Farm

Collingwood Farm visit Melbourne

It had hit that time again – 1:45PM on a Thursday afternoon – it was activity time. Most of the fifteen or so students sitting in the foyer had no idea about how close they would be able to get to some of the animals but they were excited nevertheless. After a quick roll call and numbers check, we made our way to the bus stop on Queens Street where the 207 bus would take us to our destination for the day: Collingwood Farm.

It was a place that had described itself as a slice of farm life in the city, and upon arriving at natural riverside scenery and a field of home-grown fruit and vegetables, it was no surprise how they had come to such a description. Majority dictated that we visit the fields first, passing by goats and cows on a dusty road.

Melbourne collingwood farm visit

Of course at this stage, students were only open to taking photos. That was, until we hit the end of the line – the sheep paddock. The people at the farm entrance had told us that we were able to go inside and mingle with the animals but it took a student, Chi, who had already been to the farm prior to that day, to muster the courage to open the gate and allow himself into the enclosure. I was next to follow suite, beckoning other students as I did and so one by one, each of them entered. Everyone was a little tentative at first but upon realising the harmless nature of the animals, trepidation soon turned to eagerness as students began taking advantage of the new photo opportunities they had discovered.

The rest of the day proceeded in a new light as we also revisited the goats and witnessed the milking of their cow. The cherry on the top was free food from the café which had to be given away or be thrown out. It was surely a memorable day for those who had come and another great Melbourne experience for them to share with friends and family.

Collingwood farm visit Melbourne


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