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Embassy Summer 11 June 2018 - by Embassy Summer

Meet Embassy Summer’s Training and Quality Manager!

This summer we have a NEW role to support our Embassy summer operations team in the UK. We would therefore like to introduce you to our new colleague Linda, who has taken on this exciting and important role.  The Training and Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that our 450+ Summer staff across the UK are trained effectively and that our centres are operating at the highest standards delivering a quality experience for all our students.

Linda will for example be running First Aid courses, Activity Leader training and offer support to all centre teams throughout the summer so it’s very likely that you’ll meet her in our UK centres this summer.

Learn more about Linda in the interview below…

This is a new role for summer 2018, why do you think you were the best candidate for the job?
I have worked for Embassy Summer in various Welfare & Academic positions since 2009. I think that one of my key skills, is my ability to communicate effectively, which is obviously really important in this job.

What colour would you say best describes your mood?
Definitely Green! As well as wearing a green cardigan today, green is also the colour for hope. I’m always hopeful and optimistic about all things.

Describe your life using a film title.
Good question. I think it would have to be “What a wonderful life”. I’m really happy at the moment and have lots of things to look forward to.

Outside work, what are your passions?
Growing organic vegetables. I’m actually part of a growing community in Hackney and an urban patchwork farmer for Hackney Salads.

Do you have any recurring dreams?
None that I can think of…

Which celebrity figure (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?
It would have to be Hugh Fernley Whittingstall or Jamie Oliver, I love their passion for organic, healthy and fresh food!

What’s your party trick?
Cartwheels and after a few drinks I like to think I can do the splits!

What is your guilty pleasure?
It would have to be Cadbury’s Chocolate although not organic nor healthy, I just love it!

Tell us about the best decision you have ever made.
It would actually be moving back to the United Kingdom.

What personal or work objectives have you set yourself for 2018?
My personal goal is to complete my masters in Translation and in terms of my work objective, it is to do a great job as Training and Quality Manager with Embassy Summer of course!

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