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Embassy Academy 27 June 2018 - by Embassy Academy

Introducing our NEW International Student Ambassador Programme!

This summer Embassy Academy is launching a NEW exciting programme at Warminster Academy. It’s called the International Student Ambassador programme and is designed to give our students the opportunity to integrate and interact with British students for an even more authentic and valuable experience.

Our International Student Ambassadors (ISA’s) are all between 13-17 years old and are pupils of Warminster School. During the summer they will be integrated into the Embassy Academy programme and spend both lessons and activities together with our international Academy students. We are expecting to have a maximum of 10 ambassadors this summer and they are all very enthusiastic and motivated to host our students.

The ISA’s are there to:

  • Make new international friends
  • Accompany on trips
  • Socialise during free time and activities
  • Support in Lessons and getting Academy students used to life in a British boarding school
  • Support if students are feeling homesick
  • Help overcome and understand cultural differences
  • Have fun!

The International Student Ambassador programme will make the Embassy Academy experience even more unique in its kind and will add another dimension to our courses.

Make sure to follow our students during the summer in our social media channels and under the hashtag #EmbassyAcademy and keep an eye out for more updates on the ISA programme after the summer.

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