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Embassy English 25 July 2018 - by Vitória Canal, student at Embassy San Diego

English in Action: gain marketing and sales experience at Expedition America, San Diego

My name is Vitória Canal and I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I recently finished my school on December 2017. I worked with the Expedition America during the English in Action experience.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I studied for 2 months in Embassy School San Diego and after this period of time I started my English in Action experience. I was really happy with this opportunity because I am a really determined and motivated person. So for me working with Expedition America with marketing and sales was a unique experience for my personal growth and also to improve my professionalism.

2. Why did you choose to study with Embassy?

I chose Embassy because of the variety of different programmes that I could join, specially the English in Action. Moreover, the school is Downtown in a very good location.

3. Why did you choose English in Action program?

First of all I wanted to have more experience in the work field. Furthermore, I was curious to find out how the work environment is in USA.

4. How did Embassy English prepare you for your English in Action placement?

I started my preparation studying every week day English so I could guarantee that I would do my best to have a good fluency in this language.
After the 2 months of preparation I had couple of meetings with Marcia to talk about my profile, my interests and how to do nice interview.

5. How has your English improved during the English in Action program? What tasks were you asked to help out with at your host company? Did you learn new skills?

My English improved a lot when we talk about vocabulary. I learned a very specific vocabulary about marketing and sales.

I helped with the marketing, social media, sales and guiding tours.

I learned to be more responsible and more organized because the tasks they asked me to help out request me to be like this.

6. How will your English in Action experience be valuable to your future?

My experience with Expedition America will be really valuable to my future. I made one project with them and this will be written in my resume.
This project consisted on making one video about all the trip to Vegas with a music on the background. As a result of, all this experience will be really good for my future career as a marketing manager.

7. Tell us about your favourite memory from your English in Action experience.

So my favourite experience during the English in Action program was traveling with the company, Expedition America, to Las Vegas on the Memorial weekend. I helped the staff because was a huge group and also I did my project. I recorded everything I could and really made the best that I can. Glad that I had this opportunity.

8. Would you recommend the English in Action to other students? If so, why?

I would highly recommend the English in Action experience because you gain a lot of unique experience. You make new friends, work in the USA and improve your skills and English too.

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